Death Defying Photos Of Mustang Wanted

Death Defying Photos Of Mustang Wanted

Adventurous might be a subtle way to describe Mustang Wanted, crazy seems to be a better descriptor. The daring Ukrainian can be found on his website dangling off of tall buildings with one hand, scaling bridges and parkouring through urban landscapes in search of a personal thrill.

To seem more of his daredevil stunts check out Mustang Wanted's YouTube Channel for videos of his expeditions.


Via 123insperation

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Am I the only one with really sweaty palms right now. Scary.

Upcoming winner of a Darwin Award.

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You people realize Ironworkers, Steamfitters, Operating Engineers, etc... do not photograph themselves but are actually in the same environment as this picture everyday of the week and we call it a "job". Ain't no thing, but some punks that think they are cool because they think they are being brave. Real men work in dangerous locations and know better than to be stupid there.

Generally, at least if they're in the US and OSHA compliant, the professionals you mentioned are secured by safety harness, sometimes with secondary fall nets below. Unless these images were Photoshopped, I would have to conclude that these stunts are being performed sans protection.

"Every man dies, not every man truly lives."

At least until we figure out a way to be immortal.

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This is what I call "The chernobil generation".

Hope he doesn't get a hangnail they can really hurt!

Do you remember that nuclear plant that exploded in Chernobil (Ukraine)?

Some of these photos give me vertigo just looking at them - a bit crazy though!

Man there are a lot of people party poopin' in the comments. Just because you don't have the stones to climb out on a ledge 20+ stories up doesn't mean you should criticize the guy. Don't be so jealous that he got a feature and you didn't!

God, between Fstoppers and the comment sections of news sites, I'd swear the only thing people enjoy doing is bitching and moaning. Good Lord you people are downers.

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Whining in comments is way easier than actually accomplishing something and doing so makes them feel superior. I pity them :)

dang wish i had 1/100 of his guts. cant even stand on a chair without being scared of the height