Eerie Photos From An Underground World

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a wonderful series that features the exploration of the unknown. Photographer Steve Duncan has been exploring the underground for years. Whether it's from sewers, subways, or tunnels, everything is fair game. Check out a few of his pictures he's taken along the way. As a bonus, we've also included a video of his journey. 


















Check out more about his work and what he does at his website:

[Via Wall To Watch]


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great documentry, but these guys are serious crazy dude

Nick van der Touw's picture

This must be such a rush to film.

Adam J McKay's picture

Love this. 

Matthew Wagg's picture

 They are beautiful.

RUSS's picture

Nice pics and really neat video.Very enjoyable.

I wonder if this video, and the photos, could be used as evidence, like the many photos and videos on facebook etc that have sunk so many people, who were just video taping and having a good time, not hurting anyone. BUT breaking the law, not following court orders,  etc...etc...