Emma Phillips' Surreal 'Salt' Series Explores Abandoned Australian Mine

Melbourne-based photographer Emma Phillips documents the barren, surreal landscape of an abandoned salt mine in her series “Salt”. Published as a photo book, the series features scenes of white, minimally detailed dunes against pale blue skies. Mining equipment and abandoned vehicles stand out dramatically from the pale background as the only hint of a past human presence.

Phillips says she stumbled on the mine by chance, and shot for a few hours to capture as much of the landscape around her as possible. The work of Emma Phillips has been exhibited worldwide: “Salt” has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in China, Malaysia, and Australia.









You can find more of Emma Phillips’ work on her website.

All images used with permission.

[Via DesignTAXI ]

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Alex's picture

I really like that style of photo. Not for everything, but for this series it looks really different. Anyone out there have any good tips on how to get this look in Lightroom/Photoshop?

Grey Chen Junyang's picture

just push the exposure a few stops and pull the "whites" back before they clip

Ryan Cooper's picture

It is a simple curves adjustment, just grab the point on the far left and pull it up until you get the desired brightness. Because you aren't adjusting the far right of the curve you won't clip the highlights while you lighten the shadows

Screenshot example attached

Brian J.'s picture

Nice...Looks a lot like White Sands National Park.

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

No it doesn't? Have you been to White Sands? That's like saying that an oak tree looks like a sequoia tree, basing it simply on the leaves being green.

Brian J.'s picture

Went twice last year while I was working in the area.

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

I'm shocked at how you came to your conclusion then. The only thing they really have in common is a white landscape. Not even similar whites, either.

Brian J.'s picture

"Not even similar whites" -How can you tell when the photo has been edited? I understand if you don't agree, opinions and photography are subjective.

fred lefeuvre's picture

wonderfull ! the kind of place I like and a really talented photographer !

Jonas Karlsson's picture

truly beautiful imagery.

Paal's picture

Love the tonality of the photos, Robert Aller (My photo professor) did a similar project in the 1990s.


Ed Rhodes's picture

excavation equipment is very expensive, surprised that the caterpillars are just sitting there.

oh, and love the photos!

Jens Marklund's picture

Nice job

Kurt Langer's picture

Threw a few sliders to the right.

Kevin Younger's picture

Certainly saves you on ink costs for large prints. :D
Beautiful work.

Kristi Woody's picture

These are so interesting!