Ethan Gulley's Zombie Apocalypse Photo Series

Ethan Gulley's Zombie Apocalypse Photo Series

I'll be honest, the zombie infatuation in pop-culture these days doesn't do much for me. With that being said though, when I came across Ethan Gulley's Apocalypse series I took notice. Being a big advocate of shooting personal work, I naturally took interest in Ethan's series.

Ethan, inspired by The Walking Dead and in the spirit of Halloween,put this whole series together out of his own pocket. It was shot in and around northern Alabama, where he is from. Makeup was done by himself and friends. It was his first time working with liquid latex and as he put it, "it was a learning experience." To make the hair on the zombies appear greasy they used conditioner. He did the eyes on the zombies in post, and as far as lighting goes he shot mostly natural light. In the shots with lighting he used a couple vivitar flashes with umbrellas or just bare.

Personally I think it's pretty rad to see someone go all in on a personal project like this. To see the whole thing, check it out on Ethan's site here.
















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Nic Brindell's picture

not bad, what i think would have made it better was if the "survivors" didn't look like half zombies already, men in business suits (straight out of the office look) would have been much more interesting

I wanted the survivors to look like they had been "surviving," not attending a business meeting.

Patryk M's picture

Great work1

...i actually know of people who actually believe there will be a zombie apocalypse.... there mostly young, under 25, and still live with their parents......

There could be an outbreak. I don't know, some sort of chemical accident in one of the labs around the world. The thing is that we should be ready for when the shit comes down hahahaha By the way, I'm 25 and I live by myself since 18. 

walking dead rip off? 

Jason Vinson's picture

walking dead is not the first Zombie thing on TV, so how could this be a Walking dead rip off? 

I wouldn't say this is a rip off. Like this post says, I was inspired by the Walking Dead, as well as other zombie movies/video games. There's a difference between inspiration and "rip off."

But I'm sure you're just a troll anyway. :)

Following your statement, The Walking Dead is a Night of The living Dead rip off. Right?

The Walking Dead is based off a graphic novel, I'm not sure they were inspired form Night of the Living Dead or not.

some of these are amazing, and some are just some photos.. but the amazing ones are worth the look!