Famous Photographer's Mirror Portraits

Famous Photographer's Mirror Portraits

If you take a glance at facebook or any other social media site you're bound to come across the dreaded "Mirror Portrait", mostly it's just a bunch of 15 year olds holding their cell phones up so they're far from dignified. That being said though, I was surprised to know that some of the most famous photographers around have taken their own version of this all to common shot. They're a little more interesting though than your standard mirror picture though.

If you're interested in seeing a few more of these pictures, check out the rest of the gallery HERE.

 Ilse Bing

 Lisette Model

 Vivian Maier

 Stanley Kubrick

 Diane Arbus

 Man Ray

 Sally Mann

 Ed van der Elsken


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Top shot = Nan Goldin I'm guessing?

Chris Fisher's picture

Why do we judge photos more on who took them, then what is actually in them?

Love the photo of Sally Mann. I always forget how beautiful she was at that age.