Gorgeous Photography By Tim Navis

Gorgeous Photography By Tim Navis

About two years ago I discovered Tim Navis. His work is a huge inspiration to me. I love how beautifully he captures things, from women, to landscapes, to architecture. To me he has a very distinct style that I can notice anywhere. His work has inspired me for a long time, and his post production is always so perfect to me.

I got the chance to interview him several months ago, and he really is quite an interesting individual. He started out as a painter, but decided to switch to photography after shooting photos of a friend and realizing he could create the images in his head better with a camera than he could with a paintbrush. He loves shooting landscapes because it gives him a chance and a reason to travel, but he also loves shooting women, and said, "I also love editing skin. I’m not sure why but I love sexy skin." I found that funny, because most people I know dread working on skin. He currently lives in LA but is constantly traveling, and earlier this year he went on a trip with some other creatives to Iceland. Tim told me, "Shoot because you love it and learn something new from every shoot. Oh, and make a lot of mistakes." Those are some excellent words to grow from in my opinion.


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Personally, I love it. Now sit back and watch all the "looks too instagrammed" haters blow up

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It looks too instagrammed....

sorry i just couldn't resist it... lol

While I also love this work, and many of the what some would call 'too instagram'd' photographers, why can't people have a criticism of work? Criticism is what keeps art alive.

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  Nice-looking stuff, but, too Instagrammed...

Great work :)

Love it! Maybe add a link to his site/portfolio?

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 I'm a dummy haha: http://navisphotography.com/

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Would like some interviews to these types of post.

nice work. No link to his portfolio? 

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  I'm a dummy haha: http://navisphotography.com/

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I do believe that if anyone ever wanted to use instagram filters, they should be forced to take lessons from this photographer!

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so awesome!!!! 

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Thus far, all very positive comments regarding this fellow's work, which I'll agree with. What I don't understand is how a similar article featuring a photographer who also does some heavy post-processing got hung by numerous commentors, claiming her work was more digitial art than photography, all because of her post-edit work!


I went back and looked at your link......here is my take.  The images in this post are all images that are things I would have done and have done in the darkroom and on film (multiple exposures, etc) and are very artful in a photography throwback sort of way. They are meant to be something unreal.  Everything you see in there could have been done in camera and or in the darkroom.

The photos in the link you posted are portraits that have very subtle surreal elements added in and in my opinion, lacking tecnically. The blurring has been done in post, there is ghosting around some of the work, etc.....and almost none of which could have been pulled off using multiple exposures or work in the darkroom.  Is it artful, absolutely, but the digital enhancement aspect is too glaring for me personally.

Really great work

Art, plain and simple. 

Now this is the "gorgeous" photography we have all been looking for! 

I am a "hater" of over processed photos, and i could gripe on some of the shots here, but ignoring those few photos, great work here. 

Well deserved.

tried hard, but couldnt understand whats so good about it?

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 Ummm, the photos are gorgeous. But then again, art is subjective so not everyone will find beauty in the same things.

Where would one find the interview that was mentioned. Also, I love the skin editing what resources are available to learn these types of techniques that others may have found... (not google, tried that)

Would love to see a post processing demo from Navis on here even if its on his landscapes. I have followed his blog for a long time love his work!