Henry Hargreaves Photographs Deepfried Gadgets

Henry Hargreaves Photographs Deepfried Gadgets

A few weeks ago we showed you a photographer who took some incredibly expensive Apple products and smashed them for the sake of an image, today we have the work of New Zealand photographer Henry Hargreaves who got a little more creative in his destructive endeavors.

Below are a series of images of gadgets, from Apple Laptops to Gameboys, that have been deepfried! Check them out and let us know what you think!









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Rodrigo Ambrosio Flores's picture

Quite stupid thing to do... but, are they still running? I mean, after boiling oil?

Henry Orth's picture

I don't know here - hate to not enjoy the creative juices flowing but maybe I'll put frosting on my sneakers and whip cream on all my sports equipment and photography that!  I guess... as long as he had fun :-)

Arturo Mieussens's picture

Plain stupidity. Just being different doesn't make it artistic.

If there's no talent, no merit, no message and no expression, it's simply nonsense. Maybe if it was part of an advertising campaign and it made sense in that context...

Two things comes to mind.

First. As Arturo writes above, it's just stupid.
Second, those aren't even the real products (it's obvious once you look closer). So the whole "shocking" value of actually deep frying these things is gone. Poor idea, bad execution.


John Godwin's picture

haha, the deep friend laptop is great. 

RUSS's picture


Fernando Gregory's picture

Usually I'm up for trying new ideas and and concepts but these images look kinda gross...

Tony Guillaro's picture

What a Tard.......That's not art that's just stupidity !!!

When did the iPod Classic came with a headphone jack on the left?

JakaCeglar's picture

that's just wrong...

I do Like the fried letter's photo. I can see this going into something further. As to the gadgets i don't get it, especially as there is now way these things are actually deep fried. 

Nitsan Simantov's picture

i think it's a fun idea. 

just looks fake in some of the photos which ruins it a bit. 

Fake screens, fake keyboard on the mac and fake powerplug in the wrong place, fake ipod classic. Nice photos but those devises are not what they seem to be. 

There is a lot of fakery going on here. These devices are not real. In fact some of them like the laptop are just paper or cardboard. They are interesting pictures though!

James Robertson's picture

Lots of haters in the building..the guy had a vision, something he wanted to do for a project and he made it happen, good for him.

i thought these were executed fairly well. 
good lighting and good styling.

for me i see this as a correlation between our fast paced lives and technology. we are always on the go and getting lazier and lazier and not taking the time to make our own meals and find ourselves eating out a lot more. just my opinion and how i interpreted it.

though i find it funny that even though most of you guys hated it or thought it was stupid, you felt the need to post that you didn't like it. instead of just ignoring it and moving onto something else you took the time to express your opinion about the matter. meaning he made something that made you talk, and to me, good art makes people talk. weather the talk is good or bad it is still talk, and conveys some sort of emotion.


Such haters.  These images would sell like hotcakes (no pun intended) as stock photography and I'm sure they will be published soon.  Can everyone say the same for their images?  Lighting and execution are well done. So what that it doesn't meet "your" standards for making sense and isn't something that YOU would shoot.  The images are cool and evoke and "OMG" from more people than not, which is what photography is supposed to do right?  

KGB's picture

It's just immature, "look at me" crap.

Sad "artist".

looks delicious. anything deep fried is delicious, why should these be any different. excuse me while i sautee some old ipods for dinner. thanks for the new recipe!

I think its stupid... You call this art? Art is to create something new or to deliver a message. But i don't think this has an art or even message...  For me the artist who did this just needs attention...

John Godwin's picture

He didn't create something new? Dude, HE DEEP FRIED A FUCKING MACBOOK. 

 Art is not to create something NEW. Everything has been done. Nothing is original. This guy is as close to original as can be. I would like to see one ORIGINAL thing you have done.

 Do you think that's new? Everyone had made that stuff, and I know its a great art for some but do you really need to spend that much money just to prove a simple point... just to destroy stuff... I've seen stuff that's both old and new but come on, we all know a better work when we see one... no offense but that's just me....

Its pretty cool! very different. Yeah he may have wasted a lot of money, but if it inspires him then thats his choice. I bet some of these are still running, how else would the screens still be up?

When I read posts that more than half of the comments are negative, I usually agree at first. But then I go back and try to view the images differently than I initially had. And I usually come away with a new appreciation for the work before me. This is one of those times.

 @clenndesigns:disqus , You state that these images pose no message? Well my friend, you have no imagination nor perceptions beyond that of your own tiny box of what is to be considered "creative".

These images state the message (in my opinion) that we, as a society, "eat technology". They state that we all know deep fried food is not in any way good for us, yet we cannot keep ourselves from their tasty goodness. Much like technology in excess.

This is only a short summary to which I could go on further. I hope that anyone who reads this will open their minds to the possibility of a meaning beyond the immediately obvious. 

I see this as the gadgets are the junkfood of entertainement. I like the link but I don't think the images created that feeling well enough (as the main response was "this is stupid").

Art and expression is not always obvious.

As art well i think it working. Even if everyone is saying it stupid...its making you talk about it.  I think it just ridiculous but  that is me.  Technology is bad for us like fried foods?  And if the items are not even real, the keyboard looks like printed posterboard, and some of the ports are just wrong, that makes this even more moot.

JimmySchaefer's picture

of course they would all still be running, its nice to know that oil does not carry electrical current keeping your electronics safe. 

No, but it WILL melt the circuit boards, outer shell of capacitors, etc....

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