Henry Hargreaves Photographs Deepfried Gadgets

Henry Hargreaves Photographs Deepfried Gadgets

A few weeks ago we showed you a photographer who took some incredibly expensive Apple products and smashed them for the sake of an image, today we have the work of New Zealand photographer Henry Hargreaves who got a little more creative in his destructive endeavors.

Below are a series of images of gadgets, from Apple Laptops to Gameboys, that have been deepfried! Check them out and let us know what you think!









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Anything can have a deep meaning if you try hard enough, so anything can be called art. But there's good art, the one that purposely provokes strong feelings, lucky art, the one that provokes strong feelings which the artist didn't intend and lame art, the one that provokes little or no feelings, or those the artist didn't intend.

All this is subjective, but that doesn't mean there's not good and bad. The same message some see here could be delivered in many better ways. Is it original?, yes. is it creative?, not as much as it could  be.

Also, a lot has been written and said about hittler and we would have been much better without him. 

phonel cake anyone?

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On a serious note though, FStoppers, what's with not linking to the guy's website? It's the least you can do if you're going to use his content to drive traffic to your site. 

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Why are you wasting bandwidth on this crap?
I thought you were a [serious] site.
My opinion of fstoppers has seriously dropped.

Is this man INSANE!?!?! I CANNOT BELIEVE how many items he has on his desktop!!! 

all is fake! except, may be, headphones 

WTF is with haters in this thread? I am sure we all have stuff that we later said WTF was I thinking. It mat not be in your opinion worth "the bandwidth", but its art and in someones mind and the worth photo and time in someones mind. It reminds me of "Will It Blend?"  was Will it Blend stupid... Yes it was but it was also marketing genius. There are worst things on the intertubes than a guy that deep fried electronics.

all kinds of haters.. lol. I enjoyed it. He probably bought some of the empty display laptops and phones that arn't real. I thought it was a nifty idea. Nice job