The "Horror Pumpkin" Series Is Horrifically Beautiful

The "Horror Pumpkin" Series Is Horrifically Beautiful

Every Halloween I set out to carve an awesome pumpkin that is a work of art, but what I end up with is usually a kindergartener's take on Picasso. There is definitely an art to carving pumpkins, and I certainly havent been blessed with that skill. However, the Villafane family in Michigan has not only mastered the art of carving pumpkins, but they have rocketed carving to a whole new world. Check out their entire "Horror Pumpkins" series in their gallery. Enjoy!



Photo credit Dave Bledsoe



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The first photograph is of the carving done at the New York Botanical Gardens, October 20/2, 2011. That was the largest recorded pumpkin grown in the world in 2011!

Here is a link to a slide show of the 2010  largest recorded pumpkin being carved at the NYBG by Scott Cully.As you will see the two artists have different styles

 Click on  the thumbnail below to see photo of Ray carving the pumpkin shown in the top photo

God damned, now THAT'S impressive!

So cool. I want one.

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Can I get the design for these at QFC w/ my carving kit?

So, I am now totally torn.  On the one hand, holy crap there is my photo on FStoppers, 4th from the top ( and on the other, no photo credit from the originating site.  (Not blaming FStoppers for this, by the way)  If anyone saw ANY attributions or credits on that page I missed, please say something here in the comments.  I have just messaged the boards creators advising them to at LEAST credit the creators of the photo.   Still, it's nice to see my work on a site I respect, FStoppers not the originating site.

Ahh!  Wait, I see what they did!   The actual pumpkin carvers use my photo!    Still no attribution, so now I have to write them and ask for a photo credit.  I credited the artists in my blog post when I posted the photo, the least they can do is return the favor.

I heard from the sculpture who not only will be crediting me, but also purchasing the rights to the shot.  So, that worked out nicely!

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oh good, sorry about the. I didnt see any photo credits on the original page. I will add the credit as well. What is your name sir?

 Dave Bledsoe, FreeVerse Photography.  BTW, the artist actually bought the rights to my photo and is an awesome guy!


Amazing, imaginative. Fantastic artistry.