[Humor] What You May Look Like When Taking Pictures

[Humor] What You May Look Like When Taking Pictures

Let's hope this is not what you look like when taking pictures. Admit it, we've all been guilty of strange poses. I'm sure these shots are also making you wonder if there's a shot of you floating around depicting you in an odd pose. These shots really make it easy to laugh at ourselves as we sometimes see ourselves in their shoes, at least to a lesser degree.

I wonder how many photographers it takes to screw in a lightbulb

Dedication of stupidity? 

When the model agreed upon doing a 'nude shoot', I don't think this is what she had in mind. 

This pose helps stabilization, you should try it. 

He's going to blame the lack of autofocus points when it doesn't focus

He has a tailor on speed-dial

It's her way of being one with nature

I call this pose, the quadpod

[Via The Chive]


From Pratik:

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Ghislain Leduc's picture


Ghislain Leduc's picture

I think I'm going to try to find one of me... :)

phatphotofactory's picture


Fetching image ...

I hope this works....it's my favorite pose!!!

NasirHamid's picture

The 2nd image down. My TLR is so quiet that he had no idea I got this shot. Gotta love leaf shutter lenses :-)


Pratik Naik's picture

Loving this! 

Nyaj Timautes Yaaj's picture

omg i laugh so hard looking at these

Mark J P's picture

Hehe...these are great.  I particularly like the guy in the yellow jacket in the second but last shot.  I can't for the life of my understand why he's adopted this particular posture, unless it was purely for comedy effect, in which case it was a huge success! :)

Pratik Naik's picture

You mean you don't do that? Yeah, me neither! lol

george washington's picture

 if he had his legs further apart and his elbows tighter, this will actually be a very stable standing position. more stable than standing straight up.

that looks well and all but I don't think that's gonna help anyone... when you still have the lens cap on ;)

Sam Dickinson's picture

Guilty! Haha, awesome pics.

ian sbalcio | photo's picture

funny. theyre mostly asians haha.

Michael Murphy's picture

guilty as charged. on all counts, even the one near the tree. i was out recently doing some street shooing and found myself shooting straight up a telephone/ light pole. as for the naked dude, i am innocent. strange thing is, i saw another guy like this doing a bikini shoot in the ocean. he may have been german. this guy was in a speedo with strobes and pocketwizards. strangest video i've ever seen. as weird as it was, the final images were pretty good. if i happen to run into the video again on youtube, i'll be sure to post the link on this post.

Nathan Cain's picture

Keep Calm, Chive On.

Robert Ruotolo's picture

I probably should not share this one for fear of making the list. 

John Graham's picture


Alex's picture

Ah . . . the things we do for the sake of getting that shot =)

John Dunne's picture

LOL, very entertaining. Although I recognise I few I use also :-(

LOL!!!!!! You guys made me laugh so hard!!!  

this is the cam-a-sutra jaja

Harry Cruz's picture


Benjamin Gomola's picture

why are most of these people Asian? ?)

JeffAHayes's picture

Because most people ARE Asian???

Chris Janzen's picture

best answer by far! lol it does make the most sense

JeffAHayes's picture

Hey, ah jist calls 'em like ah sees 'em... Been gittin' me in trouble ALL MAH LIFE! :) And, ummmmmmm, just glad nobody had a picture of ME takin' pictures... I'd look about like that first booger!

johnbp123's picture


Mr Blah's picture

Mcnally has a particular one where he puts his left hand on his right shoulder and lay the telephoto on his left elbow... works darn well against a wall!

Weeeeeeell.. Time to forget my photo MFA. The self-consciousnesses....It's closing in. 

Stavros Markopoulos's picture

Here's what I look like while capturing macro photos of wildflowers, I call this pose the "tortoise" :)

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