iPhone Panoramas Look Much Better Than You Think

iPhone Panoramas Look Much Better Than You Think

Creating panoramas with your DSLR is not too hard to do, but it takes time and effort, and it's something you dont always want to spend time on. Also, we photographers don't always take our equipment with us everywhere we go. With the (kind of) new iOS its now easier than ever to create on-the-fly panoramas on your phone. Easy as snapping a picture. And surprisingly - the results can look pretty awesome. The iPhone is capable of capturing images up to 28 megapixels in size, which is pretty big and can be printed really nicely. Of course, phones are not so great at shooting in dark situations, and same goes for shooting panoramas, but when shooting in day light the results look really good. I found it very useful for personal trips, and also for covering news events. Worth considering next time you want a quick panorama. Check out this collection of great Panoramas shot on cellphones around the world.

Want to share with us your own panoramas taken on your phone? you can do it on our Facebook Group or in the comments.

Hong Kong Stadium
Photo: Ryan Cheng.

Ludlow Castle
Photo: robahdebob.

Veduta di San Giorgio - Venezia
Photo: Andrea Bruni.

Vinschgau Valley
Photo: Florian Flerlage.

Dodger Stadium Panorama
Photo: hburrussiii.

sandia afternoon 01Jan13
Photo: John Guarino.

Ravens Superbowl Celebration Iphone Panorama
Photo: Mike.

Abu Dhabi Airport
Photo: praveenpn.

Vatican view on a Popeless Saturday. Is that one? No, just another backpacker in a novelty hat...
Photo: Paul Williams.

Land's End, Cornwall.
Photo: David Wilson.

Trecco/Coney Panorama
Photo: Peter Morgan.

Surrounded By Aspens
Photo: Mabry Campbell.

Bumpass Hell Panorama
Photo: Markus Spiering.

Beaver Creek Panorama 01.12.12
Photo: jawanns.

styx at the dog beach - Panorama (iPhone 5)
Photo: Andrew Clark.

City Glow
Photo: Matt Brock.

iPhone 5 panorama of Cappadocia
Photo: David Honl.

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Which app should i buy for that?

Noam Galai's picture

There are few Panorama / 360 apps in the app store, but I like using the normal Photo app on the iphone. After upgrading to iOS6, you get the option to do panoramas in the regular camera app... and it works great for me

You "just" need an iPhone 5

If you don't have a 4s or 5, with the built-in feature, you might try 360, AutoStitch, or Photosynth. I've tried all three with my iPod Touch and, while slightly different, they all seem to get the job done well enough. 


Brandon Luckain's picture

The iphone has a 28 MP camera now? Or are you basing that number off 4 7mp shots?

Marcus Lundberg's picture

Well.. that's kind of obvious isn't it?

 Is this really a question lol? Do you understand how sensor resolution is calculated?

On our last trip, we were hiking in Arizona. My wife has the iPhone5, I have a GS3. We both used our stock panorama feature in our stock camera apps. Both were easy to use and came out pretty sweet. Muuuuuch better than doing it later in post.

Probably because the photographers went beyond just taking the photos, and actually processed them to release their full potential. Really a great article.

Sukhdeep Singh Pannu's picture
James's picture

Panorama will get decent results as long as there is
enough light around.. post processing always welcome.

Lorenzo P's picture

I find this pretty ironic, because I have felt this way since the iphone came out, It took a while to nail a good shot with composition, lighting etc. but we when I finally got it right, I was totally impressed! You can see more of my work at Lorenzopphotography.com 

Lorenzo P's picture

By the way is there any way I can sumbit my photo?

But how do they look printed????  Viewing a panorama on a phone or even a computer screen is like watching Top Gun or Lawrence of Arabia  on a 14" TV!

iPanorama Prints's picture

They look amazing printed even when utilizing at native 72ppi - check out http://www.ipanoramaprints.com/

Esta es la hermosa Plaza Bolivar de la capital de mi país, Venezuela. https://twitter.com/Omar_Mejias/media/grid

Parque La Llovizna en Puerto Ordaz Venezuela https://twitter.com/Omar_Mejias/media/grid