Man Captures His Own Proposal With Tripod and Timer

Man Captures His Own Proposal With Tripod and Timer

People have been known to hire photographers to capture that moment where they get down on one knee and ask someone for their hand in marriage. Reddit user nguasta2 decided to do the job himself and captured a photo series of him popping the question to his girlfriend of 3 years using his camera on a tripod and a self timer. A slick story about not having enough photos of themselves was enough to keep the girlfriend in the dark until the moment of truth came.
He says "So on our 3 year anniversary, my girlfriend and I went on a walk in a forest preserve. For a couple weeks leading up to this day, I kept telling her we should take some pictures of ourselves because we didn't have many. She brought her tripod this day and caught everything on film. Couldn't have worked any better." Congratulations, nice work!

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That's funny.  I wonder if she thought "He's brought me out into the middle of the woods to either kill me or propose to me..."

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Wheres THE MOST IMPORTANT frame of all???

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i'm pretty sure it says it all in the second to last frame.

I got video of mine, set up the camera to take a shot of the two of us, but set it on video and captured it all!

My friend did an amazing one: Lightpainting "Will you marry me?" while taking a self-portrait with his now-wife on a beach while the sun set. She couldn't tell what was going on until they ran back to the camera and checked it out.

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 Link to that photo?

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:D So cute!!!

I tried this when I proposed, but something went wrong with the memory card and didnt get a single photo!

I did this on Christmas. The only thing I didn't capture was me on one knee :(. Now I have something I can put on canvas to hang in our home :). Congrats to him!

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Ah god..Really cool. Best of luck to them both.

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Beautiful spot and even more beautiful moment! These are keepers!

This summer me and the missus went to NYC I found a quite spot in central park and told her I would put the camera on a tripod and take a photo of us together, but I set it to video and recorded me proposing to her...... the magic slightly vanished when we watched the video back later that day and it appeared that my arse was hanging out of my trousers the whole time...... stupid belt

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it is clear that what happened next in this forest, this to the imagination of each¡ jaja Good Job¡¡