Metallic Ink Shot In Water Form Beautiful Abstract Clouds

Metallic Ink Shot In Water Form Beautiful Abstract Clouds

Talented photographer and artist, Alberto Seveso, took the concept of shooting ink in water and introduced metallic inks into the mix. When frozen in time through water, the results are serene and hypnotic. Titled il mattino ha l’oro in bocca it directly translates to 'The morning has gold in it's mouth'. With such a simple concept, the execution is exceptional and worth your time.












[Via Wall to Watch via Alberto Seveso]

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Jason Dream Arts's picture

That's a clever use of ink in aquarium. Thanks for the share and well done to the photog.

Pablo Ferrufino's picture

Pareidolia in 3, 2, 1...

Morten Gimm Kongsfelt's picture

WOW! Great work, great idea! That's really interresting! 

Beautiful work, how do you do it?  Are you placing your camera in the water?  

kurnikoff's picture

very clean water tank, ideally with thin glass? Flashguns on the side of the tank, maybe one above and on 3-2-1 you drop ink and burst shoot it? 

I guess thats one way to do it :)

brian gallagher's picture

Was hoping for a "how to" or "behind the scenes" shot...

richmaher's picture

Me too.

Rik Dumesnil's picture

amazing work!

Alex Toloczyki's picture

Wow, well done!

Abram Gotthardt's picture

i tried this with food coloring once but this turned out 1000 times better!

Carlos Zaya's picture

Amazing. Seriously! 


Paul Taverna III's picture

g-g-g-gorgeous...& very neat-o! :)

Stacie Frazier's picture

These are gorgeous!

I shed a tear. :')