Organization in Chaos: Photo Series for Obsessive People

Organization in Chaos: Photo Series for Obsessive People

I love order. I'm kind of crazy when it comes to organizizing (Taxi Driver reference). One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is is all about unrelated things fitting into each other. So when I saw this series on Reddit submitted by yamsilem, I got really excited. They are images from the book "The Art of Cleanup," by Ursus Wehrli (Author), Geri Born (Photographer), Daniel Spehr (Photographer). It speaks to my soul. It makes me want to organize my sock drawer. Or my liquor cabinet. Or everything.

parking unorg

parkingo rg

pool unorg
pool org

soup unorg

soup org

tree unorg

tree org

[Via Reddit]

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Trevor Dayley's picture

There is one lime colored car (more on the side of yellow) that is really driving me nuts in the set of green vehicles.

Scott Mosley's picture

exactly what i was thinking, haha

clone tool it out. lol

Love the last one ;)

...except that there clearly aren't enough needles in the second picture.

That looks exhausting! That lime colored car is bugging me too, otherwise -- it's a cool concept.

A organizaĆ§Ć£ dos carros esta disforme e a ramo final nao ta organizado por tons de verde XD

no one mentioned the yellow car in the white car line... thats driving me more nuts than the lime one!:)

This is excellent..

OCD much?

And what about the man lying alone on the side of the pool?


There are way more letters in the first soup photo than the second one.

This is really terific, I'm glad someonen made these wonderfull pictures, so I don't have to do it. Love it!