Photography Rules For Idiots

Photography Rules For Idiots

Latvian photographer, Ivars Gravlejs, has created a great and funny list of rules for idiots who also want to be photographers, or at least who want to take pictures. The format is simple to understand for the morons that need process this information as it is a "This, not that" kind of deal. Everyone of us knows a few people that could benefit from this post and can help them stop sucking so bad at taking pictures. However, you can't really take this too seriously.

Check out the full post here!

[Via Gawno]

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I will remember this next time I photograph onions

So that's why my images come up so crappy. I'm an idiot.

Actually, I like the "wrong" images more, the majority of the time.

the rightside sidelight is for those who write from left to right more natural, compared to leftside.