[Photos] Insects Appear Beautiful In Stunning Macro Series

It's not very often I see insects and don't freak out a little. Even if only inside my head so as to retain my gruff exterior to my girlfriend. The photos in this series not only managed to keep me from screaming, in fact they did the exact opposite. They gave me a sense of calm and relaxation, a feeling that I have certainly never experienced before when dealing with insects.

Lee Peiling, a Malaysian photographer, has only 3 years shooting experience. She captured these shots using a Canon 50d and a Canon 100mm Macro lens. Be sure to check out her 500px profile for more photos.

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I'd be curious to see the in-camera shot compared to the final image. They're incredibly effective but seem rather post-heavy...

That's what I was thinking. Beautiful images, but... cross a certain line.

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Does it really matter? This is art not documentary! Off course every image from any photographer is somehow digitally enhanced. It! Dosent! matter! The images are beautiful! Period! :D

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That's the thing about photogs who are too technical -- they scrutinize every small details and can't see the big picture.

A little post heavy maybe, but the original was probably the real hard part.  This is actually not too hard to achieve in after effects.  I did this with a crappy image but just to give you an idea.  Took all of 5 minutes, but with some more time and a better picture it would be amazing!  http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j28/chuxty/butterfliesbeforeandafter.jpg

Nice work, but the 1st and 3rd have the same overlay filter in the same exact position, that just spoils the whole concept. But the idea is good anyway.

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 good catch, did not notice that the first time i saw the images.

wow you've got macro vision, well spotted. I like the series and they'd look outstanding for some sort of commercial usage

this was my first time looking at the stoppers website and i'm very impressed! I love Peter Lik's work, my sister has a few of his prints (which I can't afford!) so i'm super grateful you did this post.. now I can try and get the look with my own work! I'll be making you guys a regular read for sure! keep up the great work and thank you for sharring!

Sorry my comments were meant for the Peter Lik video you guys did but when I signed in, it showed up here.. sorry about that! although these macro photos are pretty cool too!

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Fun stuff!

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 For all the haters out there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/twomeows/6828738535/
They show their setup

So is all the raindrops are done in camera?
Does anyone know if you can create these with some particle brushes or anything like that?

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cant view that pic @twitter-293781310:disqus