Photos From Ron Galella, America's Most Famous Paparazzi

Photos From Ron Galella, America's Most Famous Paparazzi

Don't get me wrong, I deplore paparazzi photography. The word paparazzi makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The thought of stalking celebrities with my camera like a blood sucking mosquito seems not only like a giant weight on my moral conscious, but also totally boring. So naturally when I came across these photos on Time from Ron Galella "America's Most Famous Paparazzi," I started to feel nauseous upon reading the headline. Then I looked at them. I realized that these come from a time when the plague of the paparazzi wasn't nearly what it is today. Many of these photos look like the celebrities almost welcomed his presence.

[via Time]
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Did everything just looked better back in the days? Even the paparazzi! 


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One was less annoying than 35 but it is same thing. 

Paparazzi then shot film. They didn't have virtually UNLIMITED shooting thus if you were one of 3 photographers on site, you got your few shots and you left because shooting burst mode was not an option and even if it was, it would be way expensive.

These images looked planed out and artistic at times. Celebs are so annoyed now because photographers shoot 100 frames with flash and a loud stupid dslr clapping away. No artistic vision, and no hope of producing a flattering image.

So yes, things did look better then, especially the photography.

Uh dind`t know that Clint Eastwood ever were young ...

I watched a documentary about him called "Smash that Camera," it was actually a pretty interested show about and interested guy.  Look it up if you can, its worth an hour of your time.

It's called "Smash His Camera". Its on netflix right now.