[Pics] Beautiful Sunset/Sunrise Photo Series

[Pics] Beautiful Sunset/Sunrise Photo Series

As photographers I think we all love a good sunset or sunrise. For me, personally, I rarely see a sunrise, but that's the life of a night owl I suppose. The rare time that I am up for a sunrise (usually by force) I always find myself snapping iPhone photos like nobodies business. I recently stumbled upon this photo series by photographer Eric Cahan. He has some amazing shots of sunrises and sunsets from all over the world.

I think the part I like the most, is that with each photo he lists the location and also the exact time he took the shot. The featured image in this post was taken in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico at 8:01am. Take a peek at the photos below and hit up his site for more pics from the same series.

Dune Road, Southampton, NY-Sunset 7:33pm

Tulum, Mexico-Sunrise 6:48am

Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY-Sunset-8:10pm

LosSuecos Costa-Rica-Sunset-5:23pm

Montauk Lighthouse, NY-Sunset-5:34pm

Playa Hermosa, Costa-Rica-Sunset-5:46pm

Rio Lajas, Costa-Rica-Surise-5:27am

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Ralph Hightower's picture

Photographing the sunrise from the Lake Murray Dam over Columbia, South Carolina on the equinoxes and solstices is one of my photography projects. I used an entire roll of film photographing the first sunrise of 2012. Photographing the fulll moons of the year is another project.

Both projects will be demanding, waking up before the alarm goes off for summer and photographing the moon when the weather is frigid in South Carolina.

writing the exact time when photo was taken has no meaning without a specific date... and also, i'm sorry but I don't see what is so beautiful about these photos

I agree with you this has nothing to do on Fstoppers, as many of the latest post...

i did this kind of stuff 6 years ago when i took up photography for the first time. these photos lack contrast, concept and context.....

"Beautiful" really? I guess I'm with some of the other commenters here. Like a number of recent post I'm not really connecting to what the authors believe is beautiful or well composed or technically good, etc. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It's nothing new, it's been going on for a while.

I think Lee & Patrick should refocus on what made Fstoppers so popular... 

I don't know why people keep bitching about the posts on here.  I'd much rather these guys post more frequently with photography related + Behind the scenes than ONLY BTS less frequently.  They are not giving you any less that than what you had before but rather MORE posts so why don't people quit whining?  It takes 2 seconds to look at a post and decide whether you're interested or not, click or don't click, but don't click and bitch because you're just clogging up the pipes for those people who enjoy a lot of these more frequent posts.  Keep posting Fstopper guys, don't listen to the trolls!  =)

As far as these pics go, I think they're pretty cool.  Not the absolute best in the world but still cool in a minimalism sense.  very cool.

The site is so polluted with non interesting posts that most of the interesting posts are skipped!

so Daniel, please leave it.... 

I don't read any of the comments as bitching or whining. They are challenging. Why does the author believe said images are beautiful, etc - whether its the circular pictures of Ireland or these image above or some other posts.

If Lee or Patrick don't like the comments they can delete them or remove commenting altogether. As they haven't I assume they are still looking for their readerships feedback.