[Pics] Color Photos From America's Depression: 1939-1943

[Pics] Color Photos From America's Depression: 1939-1943

It's safe to say that most people probably haven't seen color photos of small town America during the tail end of the Great Depression. There is good reason for this, as the photos in this post are some of the only color photos taken during this time. Captured between 1939 and 1943 these photos show the effect the depression had on rural and small town residents. These photographs are currently owned and cared for by the Library of Congress.

Be sure to check out the additional 62 images from this collection located here too.

Via: denverpost.com

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in color great depression wasn't that depressing 


 It's not depressing because these are only 8 (public) moments among millions, durp.

I agree! Color provides with less depression! 


Sometimes color provides more drama.

What an excellent set of images, colour really brings out the vibrancy of the recent past.
Thank you for that.

so incredible

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Black and White didn't make the photo's "depressing" It's the contents of the photos that would effect the mood, and in some ways I think colour gives it more of a effect.

For me the color makes them look more like real people. I think if anything they are a bit more nostalgic. 

Color makes the rawness of their lives pop. I find it easier to relate to them in color than in black and white or sepia, perhaps because it seems more recent.

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really great images. thanks for sharing!