[Pics] Demolished Apple Products

Ever get really sick of your gear?

Whether it be because it's malfunctioning or just demanding too much of our time, there's always that occasional desire to take a sledgehammer to the devices that seem to be controlling our lives.

Photographer Paul Fairchild and Graphic Designer Michael Tompert teamed up to give us these beautiful, if somewhat heart wrenching, images of our favorite mac products smashed to bits.


From Nick:

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Dan's picture

being a huge Apple lover, this HURTS.

Being as how my macbook wont let me allocate the free space on my hd after deleting a partition, this is quite thrilling.

 being a big apple hater this makes me happy :D

No source link?

Please !!! Don't do that .. Like Dan said it really hurt !!!you must be rich


Joop van Roy's picture

What a striking example of the world that we live in today.

One the one hand you have Chinese workers at Foxconn working day and night on these products in crappy conditions, and in the west we smash it all to bits for shock value (and perhaps a tiny bit of visual art).

I'm not an Apple user, but this feels wrong.

 Agree 100%.

Hardly original and terribly wasteful. Shocking.

Jeremy Hohertz's picture

We should probably give this artist the benefit of the doubt, that the products here were already defective.

Joop van Roy's picture

 There is a possibility of that, yes. But even then i feel like projects like these promote wastefulness and over-consumption.

I don't get your point, with the project promoting wastefulness. I think it's the other way around and the project is actually bringing attention to the our over-consumption, making people think more about it and thereby reduce their consumption. 

I like the piece for for it's reactions. It's crazy how people can get so attached to brands and products (especially with apple ofc.), that it actually hurts them to see their lovechilds shot to dead.

Aaron Gilpin's picture

How can people hate Apple? their products have changed our lives, and their competitors are just trying to catch up and copy them. As far as the images, there cool but Im sure these were broken items before getting mashed up. 

It's actually quite the opposite they are forever far
behind competition technologically, it's their marketing to the technophobes
and “less” competent that allowed a much wider audience of technology users.
Their target market is unfortunately a majority, which made them rich in return!

"it's actually quite the opposite they are forever far
behind competition technologically"

Hey brainiac- who invented the first widely distributed gui?
How about plug and play peripherals? Which Windows XP later heavily took use of...

And what was the first computer that introduced something called the "undo" feature?

Gates fanboy gtfo.  It's clear you were born in the 90's, after many of the most important strides were made, but seriously stop spewing so much ignorant hate.

Yeah it took them a while to master the complex "copy - paste" function, couple of decades after windows and everybody else, they are forever selling us yesterdays concepts on yesterdays hardware and technology for a premium price just because it looks pretty.

You're obviously one of those morons that will buy anything shiny and made by Apple, and also that sits at trendy places with his Macbook open pretending to do something on it and meanwhile doing nothing and hoping everybody will accept you because you just spent a pile of cash on something that offers you no productivity whatsoever, but hey looks shiny and makes you look hip.

I can only imagine that these were products that had already been condemned for other reasons.  Bravo for the great captures!

Apple fans, apple haters, poor chinese workers... Guys did we ever check ourself in the mirror. We are giving our life to brands and things which will be worth 10 dollars after 10 years...

Well said Sir Rocky!

Nothing like destroying expensive technology many in the world would be lucky to even see in their lives, to make us feel like the most stuck up, self centered douchebags in the world. 

"Hey, look at this $500 ipad we just destroyed! We're so cool guys!  Like, really!"

I am an Apple lover. This is beautiful! I want these prints!