[Pics] "The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl", Disaster Site Revisited

 [Pics] "The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl", Disaster Site Revisited

Photojournalist Gerd Ludwig has been making trips to the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster since 1993. He has been documenting the local citizens attempts to rebuild their lives, along with the current state of buildings in the blast area. The National Geographic photographer has just released 150 of these photos, including some interactive panoramas, as an iPad app. The app and photo project are both named: "The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl". Below is a sampling of his stunning photos.
Via:Rob Galbraith

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Harrowing and utterly tragic.

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The real story about the the picture with all the masks on the ground (in a classroom) that may look special and should tell us about the chaos happening in Prypiat that day is, in fact, that the masks were not used by people of Prypiat. They were collected many years later around Chernobyl by thieves who gathered these togheter in the classroom to steal some pieces of metal in the masks.
All the pictures look great. This is a unique place to capture such images. Months ago, you could visit Chernobyl ( as a tourist ) but the Russian gov decided to stop after getting the result of new analysis because the level of ceasium the tourists absorbed during the tour was too dangerous.

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It was the Ukrainian government and they have resumed tours. I took one at the end of January. The route is very specific and they determined as long as guides stick to that route there is no dangerous level of exposure.

 Pff. You're so uninformed, to say the least...

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Gerd Ludwig does fantastic work.  Much of the work shown here, along with a great article about how he presents his photos, videos and stories is featured in Digital Photo Pro magazine.  You can read more here:  http://www.digitalphotopro.com/profiles/gerd-ludwig-living-with-chernoby...

Great images.  Haunting.

A girl did a photo blog of her motorcycle trips through Chernobyl awhile back, the photos aren't pro-level but there are some surreal scenes captured.  She walks around with a geiger counter to let her know where is safe to travel.  http://www.kiddofspeed.com/