[Pics] Sam Hurd's Epic Portraits

[Pics] Sam Hurd's Epic Portraits

Sam Hurd is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Washington, D.C. and has taken some really incredibly portraits of celebrities using a very interesting technique called "The Brenizer Method".

Check out his work HERE and check out the behind the scenes articles on each picture HERE.


From Nick:

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Its not displaying correctly, all squashed! 

Should be fixed now. 

I love this photographer. He has some great stuff and shoots some cool people. 

these are fantastic! Thanks for the share 

I really like them, nice with the noise and all the grey in the black :)

Great photography. I'm not following his style though. First two shots, yes, slight texture head shoulder. Then high contrast white background, black background, head/shoulders, waist length shot, first shots engaging the camera w/ one random looking off camera and a shineflug shot at end? I can't feel the photographers style of shooting unless the intent was to show many different things, but that doesnt create a name for yourself. Not saying I have lol do as I say, not as I do sorta thing :) Great photography, but the only constant in each shot is making them look like they have a big nose

If he didn't create a name for himself by making all the photos the exact same, I'm pretty sure photographing Clooney and Baldwin will do the trick...

Sam Hurd is awesome.

I Second Derek's Comment!

the entire purpose of this series is to document my growth as a portrait photographer. just read the "about this series" for a bit more explanation. it's actually good that you "get" more of my recent portraits as it's indicative that i'm finding my voice... i guess, haha.

Sam, could you just expand briefly on how you do these portraits? 

I'm assuming its just envisioned as image but brought tight enough in to be separated into three for the effect?

 It seems slightly less complicated (or drastically, really) than the original which could require dozens of images and cause problems in stitching, but still very effective.Do you find any issues with subject movement?

No issues with subject movement and I do ask them to relax and not move. Only takes a second or two to get the 3 or 4 frames. Only time I've had issues with stitching was when I photographed someone against a vertical stripped background...

When shooting with the 58 1.2 I already get a massive amount of bokeh, but I cant get as wide as I'd like. So, I shoot vertical frames (portrait) one in the center to nail the expression and then one to the left and right with about 25% overlap. I get a medium format look that I'm really enjoying and developing :)

Thanks Sam. Great to hear from you. Not often that I crit someones work (genuinely curious) and actually hear back from that photographer in a positive way. You have some great work here. It's amazing to hear from you and to see/understand it's a progression, documenting your growth. Keep up the good work!!

The Clooney and Baldwin shots, I get.  The rest leave me cold.  Maybe I've drank the Hurley cool aid too much.

Dude, what did he use for the last pic, a lensbaby?

Follow the link. No lens-baby. Just take the lens off the mount. Great and fun technique, and not something you see every day on a portrait of a celebrity or politician.

Fantastic work. Truly fantastic. I'm really inspired after seeing these.

Brokaw should sue.


Why do you use "The Brenizer Method” as you shoot with a 50mm f/1,2?

To add even more shallow depth of field... check out some of the other comment replies I just left for more info!

I'm surprised Herman Cain isn't doing the creepy smile

hahaha i'm watching 30 rock as i was reading this and JACK EFFING DONAGHY looks awesome

Off Sam's page, "When I first found out I would be photographing Alec Baldwin I was disappointed because it was smack-dab in the middle of the week I was planning to be photographing around California."

Fuck, seriously? Hey, if you guys don't want to photograph these celebrities like this, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to take care of that for you! smh wtf.Read more: http://www.samhurdphotography.com/2012/editorial/epic-portrait-alec-bald...

hmm I will have to check that out at the weekend, looks interesting!