Pornstars Before And After Makeup!

Pornstars Before And After Makeup!

Today the NY Post published a pictorial which reveals the one remaining entertainment industry that was pure and honest with nothing to hide, the adult entertainment industry. Who would have thunk it?! You mean the girls starring in pornographic films across the world may be augmented, made-up or skewed in their appearance?

Here are some that I specifically picked out for you all to see, but there are many more on the NY Post's original article

Vanilla Deville

Karmin Karma

Mis Larkin Love

Krysta Kaos

Tori Black

Stormy Daniel

Anikka Albrite

Sophie Dee

Katja Kassin

Nikki Delano

Zarina Summers

Proxy Paige

Aayla Secura

Brenda Moreno

Puma Swede
Rile Marks

Nina Dove

Jessica Mor


Jennifer White

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Hold on guys, I'll be back in a few...

"...and almost paint away the deep dark holes in these ladies’ souls."

Keep it classy fstoppers.

Came here to post something similar; that statement sounds incredibly judgmental.  You could easily add this to the start of any article about fashion photography as well.

Oh well, better to pick on those whom others won't support, I guess.

YES! Incredibly judgmental!
I feel very sorry for many of these (and other women) who have destroyed their appearance with surgery. Not saying that surgery is all bad but in many cases (and in many of the images above) the faces are... let me just say that I feel sorry for them.

Also, MOST women look very different with and without makeup.  So the statement would apply just as much on society as a whole.

Some of these women do look quite normal but I think you could find a lot of pornstars not looking like surgery try-outs.

Probably one of the few posts I really dislikes here.


What has Fstoppers resorted to this Corey Melton, all he has done was STEAL thievery these photos from another phototographer without permission, and then added his own lowblow insult comment.  Shame on Fstop, thanks to Corey Melton!!!

Hope someone reports corey melton's felony to xmelissamakeupx via Instagram.

Yea I agree. Very tacky comment ; (

I work with this hair/makeup artist all the time here in LA, she's
brilliant. The makeup looks a bit overdone in these "available-light"
iphone snaps, but with stobe lighting, the kind that I use when I shoot,
the makeup is always perfect.

I thought that was good writing / insight.  Without that all we have is a simple repost.

well hat guy who wrote the article is an a$$hole prick.. and that´s my opinion about him

thanks love

I am completely undeterred

 ... From my nightly regimen.

Well, I'm never watching porn again... said no man ever. :)

This is the single worst post I have ever seen on Fstoppers. I started reading this site thanks to the wonderfully informative original articles but this is nothing more than drivel.

C'mon guys, get it together. I know you class yourselves as bloggers but with a readership as broad as you currently enjoy, a more journalistic tone should be taken throughout the site. The comment that Jon Sharman points to highlights the issue perfectly; there's absolutely no need for a personal jab at an entire workforce of people. I'm sure the writer has enjoyed the fruits of the adult entertainment industry on at least one occasion - why the need for a personal affront?

Keep it classy, on point and, above else, objective. If else, I have a feeling I won't be alone in removing Fstoppers from my daily internet routine.

"...and almost paint away the deep dark holes in these ladies’ souls."

That is a ridiculous statement! Who are you to judge the state of these ladies souls? Im sure the native Americans of the early century would say much the same thing regarding you being a photographer (they believed that photos stole your soul)....

I still believe that I am capturing souls when I photograph. It's a legit argument and it's what got me into the business in the first place.

Capturing souls is a great reason to get into photography.  Judging porn actors/actresses and saying they have "deep dark holes in their souls" is pathetic.  

wow... that's nasty lol!

My god I'm getting so sick and tired of all the ridicules comments people write, keep it classy, judgmental, very tacky???  VERRY SIMPLE, if you can't handle or don't like the article thats posted, then don't read it!!! I find this article rather interesting to see how again make-up makes a huge difference and not how judgmental this post is... Keep up the good work FSTOPPERS!

thanks! I too am sick and tired of those who act as though they are forced to read an article just because it's on the site. We can't please everyone 100% of the time, and I'm okay with that. RVG is good in my book :)

 We're no more forced to read articles any more than you're forced to read comments.

People don't like hypocrites and that particular comment of yours clearly demonstrates that criticism of others opens yourself up to criticism as well (especially if it's in regards to a controversial topic). For this reason, it's generally considered professional to remain neutral when writing about this kind of subject matter.

By and large, this website is held in high regards with it's readership but you marred that reputation, and an otherwise interesting article, with that thoughtless remark.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Eloquently put.

I personally could let the snide, tacky writing slide. But the staunch defense of your "right" to post it leads me to believe you're just tacky in general, which does a disservice to fstoppers, and it's readership as a whole.

Thing is, we commented because we already read the article.  And it was a very interesting article, until you ruined it with your pathetic, small-minded comment about deep dark holes in their souls.  

Yeah the whole "if you don't like it don't read/watch/listen" to it defense for artists is fine, but I don't necessarily want to take fstoppers off my RSS feed.  In general the articles have been really good off the site but it seems like with many more writers things are harder to control.

I feel like there's a lot more "pay to learn photography techniques" advertisements as well.

You realize that the article wouldn't be so offensive if the unnecessary comment was left out? I haven't seen any comments in other posts like this. It's unnecessary and ignorant.

It is just as interesting to see models with and without makeup and just as or more relevant for most fstop-readers I'd say. It is just as bad to complain about the comments. I agree that it is at times unnecessary comments at times here, but this is in a whole other league than fan boy-wars.

In the end I think it is important that people say what they think and I value your comment just as much.

sure is an engaging comment though, isnt it? ;)

What on earth is this article doing on here?

" Just chillin' " -This Article

Didn't know Fstoppers resorted to troll to fill their sites...


Them dark holes are big too. Zing!

My question is if you got the permission of the Post to use the photos. That on top of the lack of tact in the aforementioned comment in the article.

I wonder if the Post had permission to use them from the artist's IG feed in the first place?

No different than in fashion except there are more of those herpes moths scars then normal.
Funny little post FS

I agree that not all comments in fstoppers posts are always well chosen, but what bothers me is the crazy comments people leave behind. If I come across an article that really does not make sense to me, I JUST DON"T read it!! I'm just glad that blogs like fstoppers exist, a bunch of interesting stuff thats posted on 1 blog and I filter out what I find interesting or not! 

But the article does make sense, it's a great showcase of the job that makeup artists and hair people do. The before and afters are incredible.

The comment about deep dark holes in their souls is what pissed people off, and if we want to comment about that fragment of a sentence we have every right to.  

every right indeed. As much right as I have to write the article as I did. Thanks for understanding Jon

Understanding what?  That you're a dick?  You're welcome.

thanks. I knew you'd understand

 Hurp. A durp. Durp da hurp hurp.

I understand Corey's mother had a rather 'large hole' in her when she had her kids.  What a woman, right guys?

If you s**k d**k for a living, you have deep dark holes in your soul. Period!! These gals have bigger issues than being insulted by a comment in a blog, trust me! I think that was a very funny and witty comment, bravo fstoppers for not being PC. All the above guys who were not happy with the comment, keep that in mind next time you'll jack in front of the computer while watching porn...

PC is the death of America, just you wait and see. Thanks for the comment

I can't believe that I, a 21 year old white male, need to tell you this:

... holy fuck man. Your comment is at best judgmental and completely devoid of humour, and at worst an anti-intellectual stance on heteronormativity (ie: La la, can't hear you explaining the lifestyle choices/non-choices of individuals whom I am completely unable to connect with over the sound of how right I think I am).

so let me get this straight, I have to tolerate what you think I need to tolerate, but you can tolerate a joking comment? weak

 He was just joking brah.  You don't have to tolerate anything! THIS IS 'MERICA.



I hope he does and sucks a... wait... too soon here?


I never thought I'd say this, but your usage of all caps is an elegant way of avoiding Poe's law. That's right, all caps being useful for something... :P

 Haha, well thank you bro, I definitely do appreciate that.

It's always fun proving internet rules wrong, and sadly, the sarcasm is lost on many people here.

Cheers bro! Keep up the good fight against ignorant pricks on the interwebs, my friend.

 There's a difference between political correctness- little person, and midget.

And saying all little people are raging whores.

Don't be such a fucking asshat.

 How would *you* know? Are you a hooker, or pornstar? Maybe they think you're just a conservative, jelly dbag, but what would *they* know? They just don't give a fuck what other people think of them, way more than you do.  Jelly Fu is really hard brah.

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