Powerful Photos Of Child Brides

Powerful Photos Of Child Brides

Yesterday was International Day Of The Girl Child. What is that you are wondering? It is an international day to raise awareness of the terrible effects of early marriage, the practice of marrying girls as young as five to middle aged men. These marriages take place in more than 50 developing countries around the world. It is mind blowing to me that this kind of thing happens regularly. Stephanie Sinclair teamed up with National Geographic to produce a series of heart-breaking images around the world to try and help raise awareness of this terrible practice.









For more information on this, and how to help, check out http://www.tooyoungtowed.org/

[Via Daily Mail]

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I remember reading the NatGeo article on this a couple of years ago. Absolutely heartbreaking.

I don't mean to miss the point but that last photograph is just extroidinary.

It is. If only it was a father/daughter portrait.

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Wow. I'm at a loss for words. Powerful.

Just what you would expect from ignorant savages, Women are just property to them

 Be careful of your words - women may be property to them, but that doesn't give you the right to name-call.

 Call em as you see em

Yeah actually it DOES give the right to name call.  It's call freedom of speech and if you don't like it, tough.  If they don't like it, TOUGH!

+1 to you sir, Rich and Eric

less then 300 years ago and in some cases still to this day here in the west children were and are still being married off to men twice their age or older. its a terrble thing but do not for one second think that it only happens in those parts of the world

And what would you call them Kira?

I think we shouldn't be too quick to judge the culture of other societies. They existed for thousands of years before the "USA" was founded. It may be different to us based on our own value system but very "normal" to them. Abuse takes place in every culture..can't throw stones before we fix our own.

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I agree 100% with Jr Miller. Not saying in the least bit that any of this is justifiable... But there are plenty of things in the American culture that could (and should) be frowned upon by many others. People sometimes wonder how Germans could have let Hitler do what he did. We ask here how is it that this child/adult relationship is allowable. Yet, still, abortion is allowed here in States - even up to 9 months. Yes, abuse and wrongs take place in every single culture. We have plenty to fix here. 

I agree, freedom of speech is one thing, but name-calling is actually something else, it's pretty much just being a bully.  How is someone a savage, if their culture is to have pre-arranged marriages?  That's the same as saying people that are still in indigenous tribes are still morons who aren't smart enough to wear clothes, even though they can survive outdoors and without "internet, showers, etc".  Human = Human.

Albert, pre arranged marriages are fine if they are of the same age approx, these sickos are 20, 30 or even 40 plus years older than the little girls they want to de flower, try justifying that with your CULTURE mumbo jumbo talk!

That is one of the nicest websites I have ever seen. Has a great flow

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This song began playing on the internet radio station I was listening when I clicked on this story.


The two really fit together.