Urban Landscapes of Japan, Shot with Multiple Exposures

Urban Landscapes of Japan, Shot with Multiple Exposures

Here's a beautiful set of images from German photographer Stephanie Jung. They are multiple exposures of four Japanese cities - Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya and Nara. If you were to just glance at them, you might think they are sketches. Each frame captures so much movement. And in my opinion, these urban scenes are very appropriate for the process. I couldn't find any technical information, but I'm a big fan of the resulting images.

Via: Booooooom

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These are the styles of art photography that I don't get. All but the third image don't do anything for me. Too much going on. But they make a lot more money than what I take, so whatever floats the boats and pays the bills.

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I thought the same thing.

 Because you take photographs, this is art!

I really like the ones full of people: makes it look like a load of movement of a bustling metropolis... The emptier ones doesn't quite make sense though...

Definitely gonna have a try at this...

beautiful. almost cubist in nature. captures the hustle and bustle of city life.

Inside an atelier in New York i saw something similar made by Laurent Dequick - http://ldequick.darqroom.com/ - and since i saw theam i wanted to know how to achieve such results. Can anyone help?

Hi, I can't find an email address to mail to, so I post it here: to the fstoppers webmaster: I have checked your site an hour ago and it was all nice, a new look. Very Nice, but I hope that you will keep this old one.

I really like these shots and they look like paintings to me.  I would imagine these printed on huge canvas and sold in a gallery for big $$$$$.  

I like, keeps drawing my eye, making me look and look. Would love to know how it was done, in camera or PS?

Great shots and great technique. It reminds me of atelier olschinsky