Wedding Photographer Documents Man Pushing Piano to the Eiffel Tower for His Big Day

Wedding Photographer Documents Man Pushing Piano to the Eiffel Tower for His Big Day

Recent years have seen the internet awash with outlandish wedding and engagement shoots, with photographers venturing to incredible locations for their backdrops. But Priscila Valentina recently decided to shoot an unconventional set-up, enlisting a model in order to document him relocating a piano to the grounds of the Eiffel Tower to sing his vows on his wedding day. The series of images are a stylized shoot in response to the Paris riots.

The subject, named Samuel, can be seen partaking in the grand gesture as a surprise for his wife Maya. Pushing a piano through the streets of Paris from sunrise, Valentina says the scene drew “questionable eyes” from locals. “We had lots of interaction with the police and they smiled.”

Satisfied with the day’s work, it was when Valentina began packing up her gear that it began snowing. Keen to make the most of the dramatic weather change, she had the couple pose for another round of photos.

She told PetaPixel:

The idea hit me of putting the couple on top of the piano to capture a ‘lost in Paris’ moment on film. As the snow fell, I looked up in the sky and knew there was something special happening, it was a supernatural feeling, like as if God opened up the opportunity with perfect timing to remind the world, that we can do better, that love is what this life is all about and I believe that’s the message behind the photos.

Recalling the days events, model Samuel said: “I felt like my heart was going to pound straight through my chest, and when she saw the piano laying in front of the Eiffel Tower she was totally shocked!”

Like this series? Find more of Valentina’s work on her website and blog.

All images courtesy Priscila Valentina, and used with permission.

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Isn't that a paid shooting with models posing as a couple?

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I was under the impression the entire thing was a paid shoot. C'mon bloggers. If you're going to try and write a "news piece" you gotta do the bare minimum of research ffs.

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How'd they manage to do this without hundreds of other people in the image? I don't imagine you'd be able to digitally remove everyone.

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Staged photoshoot with models. Misleading title. Why would you use "far from truth" title to attract attention?

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early April Fools! Good one!