Your Best Eclipse Photos

Your Best Eclipse Photos

Yesterday all along the Pacific and from Japan to Texas, many of us got to experience a solar eclipse of varying intensity. Of course, it's hard to not want to photograph such a rare occasion, and some of you did a darn fine job of it! Let's take a look at some of the best solar eclipse photos that you all captured.










Rayce Sugitan


Stan McQuown


Natalie Syverson


Michael Di Trapani Calvert


K.C Alfred


Jerry Fill


Jamison Frady


Armand Langson Hayes


What do you think? I've seen some pretty rad photos floating around the internet. Post a few of your favorites below! Thanks to those of you who responded to our Facebook post. You never know when those responses might make it to our home page!

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I love Jerry's shot! Totally different

That's so sweet!


I created this sequence using shots every 5 min.  Merged in CS5.  Taken in Albuquerque, NM.

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I didn't know it was getting that much coverage in Albuquerque. Nice!

I did not have a Solar filter but found shooting through everyone's glasses seemed to do the trick!

That is TOTALLY what I did. Two pairs of sunglasses did the trick :)

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Anyone know of a lens I could use to shoot though clouds? this damn Minnesota weather is stupid, missed it yet again!

ya but its pretty long...

The second picture looks too good to be true.
What do you think?

In Arkansas we didn't get quite the coverage that most people did. But it still put on a good show

here's mine, from phoenix, az.

Some of mine from Southern Oregon: is mine that was taken in my backyard in Rockdale, TX. Thanks for sharing!

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My contribution from Japan...

K.C Alfred's is my favorite 

Here is a composite I put together using a shot I took of the eclipse, and a shot I took of the "super-moon" we had in California the week before.  
While this is two pictures put together, this IS what the eclipse would actually look like if our eyes / camera sensors had impossibly great dynamic range, and there were a light source for the moon.

From Lassen Volcanic Park in Ca

COmposite Series

Here's a few from Mie prefecture Japan. I have no filters so the cloud cover was the only way I could get these. So glad a got up early to see this!

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Awsome eclipse is some good pics of supermoon