19 Fantastic Double Exposure Shots

19 Fantastic Double Exposure Shots

I have recently gotten back into film and love everything you can do with it. One of thing techniques I have missed is double exposure. So to get back in the mood, I went and searched for some double exposed shots and stumbled across these.

Double Exposure is the process of combining two shots into one. With film, thats taking two shots on the same area on the film. This can also be done with digital in photoshop.

(Image Source: Lomo-Cam)

(Image Source: Céline R.)

(Image Source: VEM / VAS)

(Image Source: theCarol)

(Image Source: hodachrome)

(Image Source: shoegazer)

(Image Source: beast love)

(Image Source: •DΛN MOUNTFORD•)

(Image Source: Thomas Barbèy)

(Image Source: Lomo-Cam)

Image Source: Thomas Barbèy)

(Image Source: TommyOshima)

(Image Source: •DΛN MOUNTFORD•)

(Image Source: Thomas Barbèy)

(Image Source: radofankaras)

(Image Source: extravaganciaincluida)

(Image Source: Thomas Barbèy)

(Image Source: Thomas Barbèy)

(Image Source: •DΛN MOUNTFORD•)

via - Hongkait.com

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These are just amazing!

Wow, you've literally just ripped an entire update from someone else's website. All you've done is remove their copy and kill the links in the image credit.

It's one thing helpfully linking to a great BTS video, but just blatantly stealing other people's content to host on here is an absolute liberty. Especially when the people whose images have been used don't even benefit from a backlink. 

This is just shady. 

Some of these are clearly composites not double exposures.

*sarcasm mode on* Really? I really thought the one with the statue of liberty was a real double exposure! 

No need for *sarcasm mode*, the tiny paragraph on the top clearly states that what we're looking at are double exposures, even though a good percentage of these aren't. This should be made known to the reader, I believe.

yeah I know that, I just love being sarcastic and it is kinda hard to make a sarcastic point without actually pointing it out.

Fail Post. Stolen from another site, and many of these aren't even actual double exposures. Lame.

This is the worst part about the new content writers. None of them give a shit. Last week Chris managed to steal content FROM FSTOPPERS and then repost it. It got deleted soon after obviously, given that the original post was still on the front page. 

Alvaris Falcon from Hongkait would've worked hard to craft this post. He wrote his own copy to accompany the images I assume he spent time looking for, and then he presented it to the internet whereby Chris Lambeth comes along to steal it because he's presumably too lazy to create his own unique work. He couldn't even be bothered to rebuild the links so that the authors of the pictures would get a link. 

On top of that, he didn't even spend enough time to actually study what he was stealing, because half the fucking images aren't even double exposures.

DΛN MOUNTFORD work are the only ledgit double exposure of the post!

NIgel King's picture

I always thought was a cheap and cheesy gimmick... until I saw this post. you have opened my eyes...

Jason Vinson's picture

terrible post... some of these are clearly composites. You also don't need film for double exposures. XPro1 has this feature as do some DSLRs.