1940's Pin-Ups with a Dash of Milk

1940's Pin-Ups with a Dash of Milk

London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is a someone who loves pushing the boundaries and stepping outside his comfort zone. He's known for his high speed photography and pushing it to the extremes, most of the time involving milk! His newest set with milk combines his love for composites and high speed and it shines with some traditional 1940's pin-ups.

When looking for inspiration, Jaroslav took a page out of calendars by Gil Elvgren,Alberto Vargas, and Greg Hildebrandt. Each of the photographs is comprised of over 100 images. None of the photographs contain any extra illustration and the most intricate piece contains almost 200 layered images. The images were taken all around the world at seminars and workshops that Jaroslav has held. He has one more pin-up to shoot on October 12th then he will be releasing the full 2014 calendar next month.







Be sure to check out his websiteTwitterFacebook and keep up with his upcoming workshops on his blog.

[via: DIY Photography]

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Love his work. Brilliantly creative :)

Am I the only one who does not exactly see milk on their bodies? :D

It's light painting with milk. A sequence of shots have been composited each showing an area of their body under flowing milk (or cream). Very creative.

stefano druetta's picture

not what the guy ment.

Yeah, but he answered like a true photographer!

Nice but not as mastered as jaroslavs though! Like your other stuff though ;-)

Sure, I did it once and he did it... a bazillion times ;)
but thanks! Gotta start somewhere ;)

my milk in her bodies! :D

U mean ur cream lol

I think this is great work. Really creative, classy and intriguing. Gonna have me some cookies and milk now.

Brilliant work..out of the box..very creative...

Gotta get the link to his website right. You're doing him a disservice with that.

Aurumlight.com seems to work just fine on my side ~ check your facts Josh

when I check last night it was linking to fstoppers.com/www.aurumlight.com/ which is an easy mistake to make when you are working with many CMS options. Seems to be fixed now.

...love it

very creative...love the detail and appreciate the time and effort put in