5 Helpful Tips for Better Environmental Portraits

While portraits with a narrow depth of field that isolate the subject against a wall of blurry colors and ill-defined shapes are quite popular, they can sometimes be a bit one-dimensional. Environmental portraits are a chance to increase the nuance of your images and tell stories about your subjects. If you want to improve your own environmental portraits, this great video tutorial will give you five tips that will help you on your way.

Coming to you from Alison Wright with B&H Photo Video, this excellent video tutorial will show you five tips for improving your environmental portraits. Environmental portraits are a challenge, as they require all the same technical skills as a normal portrait with the added complexity of integrating your subject into their surroundings in a way that tells the story of their relationship with them, whether in their home, workplace, or somewhere else. It is well worth tackling the challenge, however, as you can tell deeper stories with your images, and you will likely be able to develop a recognizable personal style and set your work apart from that of your counterparts far more easily. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Wright. 

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