5 Tips to Help You Take Better Headshots

Headshots are a tricky genre, as they require you to not only have skills behind the camera and with your lighting, but also with posing and your ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the lens. If you would like to improve your headshots, check out this great video tutorial that features five helpful tips from a top-level photographer. 

Coming to you from Peter Hurley with B&H Photo Video, this awesome video tutorial will show you five helpful tips to improve your headshot photography. While all the tips are certainly worthwhile, one that I think is particularly crucial is the importance of making your subject comfortable in front of your camera. You can spend all the time you want learning camera settings and lighting setups, but if your clients do not feel comfortable, it will not do any good. Most good headshot photographers will tell you that their job is 10% photography and 90% psychology. Learning how to converse with your clients and make them forget that they are standing in front of a camera will help you get organic and natural looks from them, and they will be far more likely to be satisfied with the results. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Hurley.

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JE Morelos's picture

Thank you for those tips! Wow!

Christian Berens's picture

YESSSSSSSSS! These tips are the F'ing Formula! :D

Tony Bentivegna's picture

Who you take advice from matters. Peter knows -just do what he said. This week an actress handed me a business card with a Peter Hurley image on the front... I know his style from a mile away. It just works.