7 Unbelievable Dresses Made Entirely of Light

7 Unbelievable Dresses Made Entirely of Light

I have always been intrigued with light painting. I have taken a few stabs at it, yet it never comes out as good as this. These are so absolutely incredible, I just might have to practice this and see what I can make! Atton Conrad, a professional fashion photographer, has used nothing but light fixtures to create and capture these unbelievable dresses.

Atton does acknowledge the power of CGI, but attests that these dresses are made entirely of light. Thats pretty amazing if you ask me. You can find more of Atton’s fashion and light photography on his website.

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Very cool!

i like the last two but he first few don't look anything like dresses to me

 Unlucky, it's not a real light painting... But fake 3D light paint
processing on Beauty Photo. The idea is really great, not the stuff :(

Dream Art's.

just to note, the trails were real world and not cgi :)

Glad to read that :D Prove me ?

Why did you took off images from rss?