Adrift on the Hourglass Sea: Sci-Fi Images Commissioned by NASA

Adrift on the Hourglass Sea: Sci-Fi Images Commissioned by NASA

In honor of the Mars Curiosity mission, NASA commissioned a series of unusual, sci-fi-style surreal images from the duo known as "kahnselesnick" called Adrift on the Hourglass Sea. They were asked to create a series that represented the pair's vision of an existence on mars. The artists adorned photo-mosaic panoramas provided to them by NASA from previous expeditions to the red planet, "Spirit" and "Opportunity." They then combined the real images with fantasy and imagination, infusing fantastical elements of science fiction into very real images.

The dream-like scenarios include specially created sculptures and installations, and deliberately features solely women, as Nicholas Kahn of kahnselesnick explains:

"I think earth wouldn't be on its path toward destruction if it was run by women, so we decided to give mars a little hope by sending two women up who wouldn't necessarily see conquering and seizing all of its minerals as a main thing."

You can view more of their series at

[Via DesignBoom via TheHourglassSea]

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Really lame!

your face is really lame!

What's wrong honey, did i hurt your feelings!
No shit you like these look at the crap you are shooting.
Don't quit your day job, i doubt that JD Memories Photography is gonna pay the bills anytime soon.

BocktheRobber's picture

Right.  Men would destroy the place, unlike  Isabella of Spain or Elizabeth of England, for example? 

One example in comparison to a historical landmine of guys conquering the sh*t out of everything in sight

As much as some of us might disagree, all artists are entitled to their own opinions :)

so are children.

my jaw hit the ground. these are nothing short of amazing.

I really like this. I think it's very artistic and modern!

Cool. But not my thing. How much did NASA spend on this? 

Our Tax dollars at work!

americans are morons to spend money on this mediocre stuff.... but thats nothing new.

Michael Marcopoulos's picture

"I think earth wouldn’t be on its path toward destruction if it was run by women". We don't live in the same world i think, it's just ridiculous.

Remember when NASA actually spent their money on actual space exploration? Good times.


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What a waste of opportunity. The first picture is kind of intriguing...but all the rest is just  pap. I was hoping for something better, given the write up.

David Walters's picture

What is lame about this? This is awesome. I just don't understand why so many people have to be so negative all the time. You guys are freaking ridiculous. The world has finally made it to Mars and someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to invest in some make-believe what? Who cares???? We, as photographers, should be supporting this sort of thing...not bashing it. You guys really make me sick. Not all of you, a select few. Not the ones that think this is not your style but those that bash on others for enjoying something unique from another individual. Grow up and start respecting one another as if you were facing one another face to face.  

I like the first one - probably appeals to the SciFi fan in me.

Less keen on the others - more abstract/contemporary art.