Amazing Multiple Exposure Images By Christoffer Relander

Amazing Multiple Exposure Images By Christoffer Relander

This amazing series of multiple exposures by Christoffer Relander, from Finland, is done in camera, and for a great cause! It is a charity campaign for Children With Tumors. More awesome photos after the jump!

From Christoffer's blog:

I am pleased to present a new charity campaign, Children With Tumours, that I’ve been doing with Stuart Jackson, a creative director from RBH. The campaign helps children with Neurofibromatosis by giving them the life of any normal young child through summer camps. Under the campaign line titled, ‘I am more‘, it celebrates the freedom the charity gives these strong, young individuals.

All of these are multiple exposed in-camera while shooting, for my first time in color.

Lets hope this campaign will do some good.


Check out more of Christoffer's work at his website,
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Love love love this.  I have never tried Multiple Exposure until I saw this post.  I immediately ran outside and tried it.  Christoffer's tutorial can be read in English if you open it with Google Chrome.  Here is my first attempt.  I captured about 8 Multiple Exposures.  Got 3 that were ok and one that I really love.

Where do you see his tutorial then Bryan?? Awesome work !! open in google  chrome and say yes to translate this page