Art or Pornography? The Life and Work of Sally Mann

Art or Pornography?  The Life and Work of Sally Mann

Sally Mann is an American photographer who has pushed the limits of black and white fine art. Early in her career, Sally captured both real and staged moments of her children's youth that quickly became subject of much controversy. Immediate Family, a collection of images of her children under the age of 10, showcased mainly normal, happy childhood moments. However other images featured her kids unclothed with themes of depression, anxiety, and even death. Obviously Sally's work sparked strong emotions, and the debate about what is exploitation and what is art became synonymous with her name. The acclaimed What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann is an interesting documentary that focuses on Sally's work and how she approaches her craft. Now a praised nature photographer, Sally discusses her contraversal early images as well as many of her current projects including landscapes in the deep south and portraits of her husband as he deals with muscular dystrophy. Check out Sally Mann's bookstore for great reading material from this revolutionary photographer.

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if you see pornography in her images you need to get your head examined. Or better yet, get locked up in a dark place somewhere.

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Sorry it says the videos are not available due to a copyright claim! Is this a UK issue?

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Still not available??

This is the second post in recent days featuring video that was unavailable when clicked. The first was a B and H lighting presentation featuring Joey Quintero. My question is why feature items that are inaccessible.

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There are two slightly different issues at hand. This article had not been recently "posted" when you commented on it six months ago; it was about 18 months old at that point. As for why the post was "featured," presumably at the top of the home page, that is probably due to a bad algorithm that selects popular and/or random posts from the past without verifying that the content is still live.

Convincing mankind that the nude human body is somehow shameful is one of the most disgusting things religion has ever done. It's absolutely insulting to any intelligent person that you can show murder on TV but not nudity. It's horrifying to me as a photographer and a human being when people are somehow revolted by the incredible beauty of the female body.

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why do you put stuff up like this with copyright restrictions. it just gets taken down and cant be viewed. stupid.

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When a video is uploaded to a major hosting site, the uploader verifies that he or she has the right to post that content. It is not unreasonable for a viewer to assume the video has been legitimately posted and will not be taken down for copyright reasons.

In any event, this Fstoppers post is two years old, and the videos were taken down about one year ago, so the post was still good for about one year.

Since this videos are no longer available on you tube, I found where you
can watch this documentary of this amazing women ...for those who
are a little late with discovering great artists of this world, though,
it's never too late :)

Is this not over yet? I mean her life and the videos are great, but let's drop this ridiculous notion.