Awesome Creative Portraiture Using 35mm Film By Laina Briedis

Awesome Creative Portraiture Using 35mm Film By Laina Briedis

” My name is Laina Briedis. I’ve lived on Long Island all my life, and for as long as I can remember I have been captivated with the concept, practice, and art of photography. You could say that I very often try to live vicariously though my pictures- each still frame is a dream I had once, an attempt to capture or at least encompass some aspect of infinity.

I create photographs because I’ve come to the conclusion that all the best kinds of happiness depend upon it as far as my existence goes. I want to remember everything the way it was meant to be seen, and catalog not only an experience or an adventure, but the feelings associated with it and the dream-like state our memories record in. I strive to make each one of my photographs not only provoke a memory within myself, but an emotion- something that can bound across the invisible gaps that separate us from one another, creating a connection with someone else who’s able to reach out and grab it.

As far as preference and style, I find myself very moved by and inspired to create photographs that are deeply colorful or demonstrate a boldness of color in some way. My favorite medium is 35mm color film typically at ISO 200-400. I tend to focus the majority of my photographs on the spontaneous or spontaneously-inspired moments of living subjects, especially those I have meaningful relationships with. “

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Simply beautiful. Love the 35mm film!

I love all these series your posting lately, thanks! haters yet?  I first saw these and said, "oh hell.... what manner of hate and criticism will be waiting in the comments section?"...... but no, not yet anyway...... 

These pics are some cool stuff!!!

Same as before! Haha. :) 

I really like the ones with the waterfall...but some of them don't really go with the description "spontaneous", as I don't think that people just happen to be butt-naked  around their photographer friends ( if they do, I need new friends ), or just happen to run across circles made out of pine cones. I still like them because I use a lot of film myself.

Not sure about the pine cones, but yep, you need new friends.

damn terry richardson. started this fade. all the kid have the same look and picture on instagram. flickr. everywhere  

I like that the titles recently are essentially saying "hey this was shot with film!"