Beautiful Fashion Series by Joanna Kustra

While perusing the internet this morning I came upon the recent fashion shoot of Joanna Kustra and caught myself staring for minutes marveling at the gorgeous shots and beautiful lighting. The shoot titled, Misty Dream, was a beauty editorial assignment for Factice Magazine. From watching the behind the scenes video I gather she is shooting with a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens using Calumet lighting and shooting through a 48" Octobox.

Joanna Kustra is an award winning photographer based out of London. She specializes in beauty, portrait, fashion and kids photography. She describes her photos as "delicate, yet at the same time vivid and strong." Looking through Joanna's site brings up one beautiful shot after another. She is definitely one to watch. [Website] - [Facebook Page]








[Via Behance]

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No criticism about this video, which was fun to watch, but is it me or BTS videos getting shorter and shorter and having less behind the scenes info. Seems that they are becoming more and more just commercials for the photographer under the guise of being informational.


Yep...these videos are getting rather predictable now: shots of makeup brushes, shots of makeup being applied, shots of HMU with shallow depth of field. Quick flashes of the actual shoot, shot of camera and lens with shallow depth of field and then the final images displayed on screen. Add hip soundtrack and you've got yourself a "bts video!"

but, at the same time, I LOVE the final images. The lighting, the poses, the retouching, the color grading...all top notch!

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Beautiful work.

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Not just a talented photographer, but there's some first class post-production in these images too

terrible video but great pics

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Nice photos,

There's definitely a second light besides the Octobox, it's gelled with cyan filter and used for some of these shots as rim/hair light..
Any thoughts?

I was gonna ask the same. Had to be a second light but anyone figure out the lighting setup by any chance?

Thanks guys for the kind comments and useful feedback - Trevor figured out the set up pretty well. To clear things up I used the second light with blue gel for all of the pictures just with different strength... and I swopped the sides of the main light and gel light for some of them. The diagram should help:

you are so awesome for sharing that. 

I love the images by the way. Great photos and a great concept. 

Joanna, thank you for sharing this with us! This is a very strong series, amazing! :D

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hi,nice photos, i really want to know what gear did you use for a regular photoshot

Thanks Andres! It's Nikon D3, all Nikkor; 85mm f/1.4, 24-70mm f.2/8 and 50mm f/1.4

Really beautiful work Joanna. Could you talk about your post production work on these. The post is gorgeous as well. What is your workflow like?