[BTS Video] Life For Saudi Arabian Women

Growing up in Bosnia during 1992-1995, photographer Ziyah Gafić could not participate in the war - only stand by on the sidelines. Having no academic background in photography, he became very interested in Muslim culture and while working on his project, "Troubled Islam", he got a very unique opportunity to shoot and interview the women of Saudi Arabia. To many outsiders, Saudi Arabian women appear weak and stripped of all rights. Ziyah went behind the scenes in an attempt to show a different story. Though they still cannot vote until 2015, cannot drive, and have to ask for permission to travel or open a business, these women remain unbelievably strong. They have fought to become respected and highly educated. In his interview, these women have lifted their abaya and niqab to show who they are underneath. 

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Sander van der Veen's picture

Interesting BTS! Nice work and story behind it! 

Marius Manastireanu's picture

The story behind the project and the photos in the video are much more interesting than the ones in the post, so watch the video, you won't regret.. haha :)

I love the medium format range finder Fuji g670, and Mamiya 7ii cameras he uses. So classy and cool. One of my next purchases I'm sure. Such amazing range finders.

This is an excellent piece. I think Ziyah has done an amazing job at documenting these women and being very respectful of their beliefs and culture. I imagine it helps given his background. His demeanor seems such that he could probably work with just about anyone. I enjoyed listening to his commentary very much.

Marcin's picture

All those pictures look washed out. I noticed he used  film instead of digital camera. Why should he choose so? Is there a connection between kind of camera and quality of those pictures?