Building A Successful Boudoir Business

Just in time for Valentine's Day, today until Saturday February 16, creativeLIVE is hosting photographer Jen Rozenbaum as she teaches a 3-day course on how to build a successful boudoir photography business. If you're a wedding photographer like myself, this is the perfect outlet for those brides who are looking to give the perfect gift to their future husband. Posing your client in this type of situation can prove to be much more difficult than that of a standard portrait session. Jen will help take your posing to the next level. Maybe this workshop is just the push you need to expand your business and your portrait work. As with all creativeLIVE workshops, you can start watching this one right now for FREE. If you want to watch it later, you can purchase the videos for $99.

Jen course graphic 600px
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Anybody else having trouble getting in? I can't get creative live to come up!

Jaron Schneider's picture

It looks like they are having server issues. I got in a few minutes ago but it was a bit slow going. 

Shahrul Azmi's picture

just dont click on the link given via the post. it has a typo in it

Nika Tsiklauri's picture

Sorry guys it's irrelevant, yet... Does she really have six fingers on left leg or is it one more Photoshop wonder? 

Lauren Jonas's picture

oh my god. Just now noticing that. 

Those would be called toes, not fingers.... But something is going on there.

Adamski's picture

There're only 5, just a shadow optical illusion.