Contemporary Celebrity Mugshots Re-Appropriated in a 1920s Style

Contemporary Celebrity Mugshots Re-Appropriated in a 1920s Style

For his series, Mugshot Doppelgänger, artist Michael Jason Enriquez took mugshots of some of today's most well-known celebrities and matched them to 1920s mugshot doppelgängers, changing the names to help identify the celebrity pictured. It's an interesting project and quite fun to see...

Click here for more awesome vintage mugshots.


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Snookie is not a celebrity! dear God in heaven! Lovely photos though :)

Pasha Kyrychenko's picture

Worst photoshop skills ever.

terrible...not even funny or interesting...

How did this make fstoppers?? I know you have better stuff than this out there... 

Andrew Houser's picture

I agree. FStoppers is better than this. This looks pretty hack.

If by "match them"  you mean photoshop their faces onto other people, then yes.  I think that this would actually be quite facinating if the images were actually of individuals that bore an uncanny resemblence to the "celebrity" - but just post production doesn't have the weight to carry that conceptual idea. ( referring to creator not to Fstoppers team )

Adam's picture

Maybe I should have added that this is a fine art project. It's not necessarily meant to fool people... If Cindy Sherman ( would be held to that level, she'd be a failure. We understand she's not just trying to 'fake it.' That's not the point...

CL's picture

Yawn... you can do it yourself here on the BBC America web site as a promo for their new series "Copper".