Creative portrait photography by Vilde Indrehus

Creative portrait photography by Vilde Indrehus

Here we are, back again with another young, incredible artist. Vilde Indrehus is a 17 year old photographer from Norway. I know this whole "Instagram" look has been done over and over yet there is just something about all these shots that gets me. The composition, DOF, ideas, everything just comes together so nicely. Its so nice to see young talent popping up. Gives me some hope for the future generations.

A few words from Vilde:
"I am a 17 year old girl from Norway. I have been serious about photography for about a year now, and I am addicted. It’s weird how an interest can turn your life upside down. From the moment I really got into this medium, I started seeing things from a whole different perspective. The things that no one else notices are the things that I love the most: a graveyard, rain, garbage and clouds are examples of things that inspire me. Especially clouds! Everything is so damn beautiful. I want to photograph everything I see. And when I say everything, I totally mean it. I love how photography makes me see this world just as beautiful as it is. And it somehow confuses me that I’m the only one I know that think of it that way." - Vilde Indrehus

What are your thoughts on these??

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Amazing talent for that age (and most any age).

I love the majority of them, Id love to get a look at how they shot and then processed these. 

great pics!!!

Phenomenal shots! Love the style and uniqueness. 

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Absolutely amazing images. :)

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Frankly i am getting very tired of seeing these images over and over on this forum. Fstoppers is not Tumblr, please stop posting every young artist you run across on tumblr. Yes, this artist is talented and one day when she develops her artist statement and focus she will be great. But with no BTS info or explanation of the work the post is no different from tumblr. It is detrimental to all of your members when you post an artist who states "a graveyard, rain, garbage and clouds are examples of things that inspire me". Please set the bar higher fstoppers. 

She is not bad, but fstoppers cannot tell the difference between digital art and photography. Check out this video posted by this "photographer":

There is a lot of photoshop involved from multiple images hence making it a manipulation and not photography. Photography is when you do everything manually and not by a lot of post-processing of many images. Manipulation is the process of taking make images or sources and combining them together to create an illusion, by what she is doing here. 
What she is doing is not a bad thing. Photo manipulation is a art but it is not photography art. Manipulation and photography are two different art styles. People need to understand that, but, however, if the public find a picture "pretty" it is automatically popular, which is wrong since there are many photographers out there that can produce this stuff or more complex works without photoshop and do not get this much attention. F-stoppers, dig deeper. Just because people have a lot of views on Flickr does not make them talented. Please look for more experienced or older photographers who know what they are doing to help inspired people. You are increasing the rates of photographers using photoshop to make good images which is wrong. Photoshop is not a bad thing though, but when you over kill it like this, it can make or break it. Know the difference between digital art and photography. This girl is too young to understand photography, but one day she might be a pretty good digital artist. And no age has nothing to do with it, but it is experience that has something to do with it.

I think that video you posted was the most inspiring thing about this article. The article should have focused on this girl's compositing skills as quite frankly, she's not half bad.

@Chris Lambeth - Perhaps you could reach out to these artists for a QA or BTS so these posts have more content than a simple showcase of their work.

Well written and as much as I agree with you, sadly the general public doesn't care if a photo is manipulated or if it's being properly photographed or not. All what they care for is:
1. The person or they look good in that pic, even if they are photochopped (I know some prefer natural, but at least here in Asia, they wanna look slim slim slim, slim mouths, tall nose, big eyes, basically anything that will make them look more western)
2. Instagramish images (hence why they are so popular trend among younger photographers)

Though, I do agree with Albi that she does have some good composition skills and at least her processing technique is great. Also judging from the pics, most of them looks more like retouching (layers, cloning, curves) then actual manipulation, though I could be wrong.

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Agreed, additionally, some of the retouching is quite basic. With the layering cloning and other effects being quite apparent. Good work, but FStoppers needs to set the bar higher. 

 And if you take a closer look, some of those images have some mistakes in visual logic...and on few of them, the manipulation is quite obvious...

I'm inclined to agree with Michael. The point is not that the pictures aren't good and inspiring. What's starting to annoy me is that Chris, quite frankly, the majority of your inspirational photography posts are extremely similar. Young photographers, instagrami-ish look (like you state in your introduction above) and just really similar in style and subject matter. One or two posts would've been fine but please show some variation. I do actually like to see posts of pictures alongside the usual BTS videos but this is just getting old. Please take this comment to heart. And I'd appreciate if people did not react in the usual way, stating Michael and myself are trolling or haters or whatever, try to see the point :)

its easy. they just do it to get more views... have you mentioned the titles lately? how many "unique" "inspiring" "amazing" and "crazy" crappy photo we have to see? and its not just that the photos are bad...technically there are good. its just their bad taste :). 

I too have noticed the trend that has been coming from Chris. Sorry to say, his post are very similar. She is really good at photoshop. But, she is spending too much time on that rather than focusing on finishing an image in camera. But, that's my opinion and it doesn't matter. 

17..really...ahh crap...I'm off to maccas for a job

What can I say... Simply amazing and inspiring! 

One must go with the flow of time, Photoshop is an amazing program. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the amount of editing that was done. He took a already great images and made it into an amazing one.

An image will always be better, the more that is done in camera.

Yes get it right in camera and then perfect it in PS

Very well done...

Not impressed. Seen all these images on Flickr 5 years ago, same look feel everything. 

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Beautiful work.  I like it.

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Regardless of how much photoshop is involved, these images are stunning. PS is an art in itself and I appreciate these post. I surf FS for inspiration and education and I love posts like this. 

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The photos have a very whimsical feel, love it!! 

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Personally I like to see other people's work.  I doubt there would be as may negative comments if the photographer was famous (all hail Annie L. etc...)

I don't have time to trawl through countless sites to see other photographers' work so it's good for a site to find things for me.  We may need to be more selective in how we describe things though... "Incredible" is a word often thrown around.

Perhaps we should expect a little more research into any artist featured.  I'm guessing the YouTube video didn't take too much of a search and it would have been better to have had the post production work presented as part of the feature.  Heads up Fstopper team... research is everything...!

As to whether the level of retouching and Photoshop work is appropriate...?  I remember articles where a photographer has taken library images and blended them to their work and the comments have been postitive.

The YouTube video suggests all the images were indeed taken by this girl and so the final image was entirely hers. 

If we say that compositing is not photography then oops... we've just lost a lot of photography - even before Photoshop came into being.  If we should do it all in camera then stop shooting RAW and don't anyone dare dodge / burn or adjust their images later... it's cheating...

Sometimes the image we see in our heads is not the one our lens has opportunity to take.  Hats off to this artist who could envisage an image inspired by the surroundings.

We can simply record what is in front of us or we can create.  Both have validity.  Let's not assume one should be at the expense of the other.

I welcome more photography examples - but I'd ask that such are presented with greater research and depth by the writers.


True that. What bothers me as well though is that a lot of these contributions are extremely similar. With regards to your Leibovitz comment: I wouldn't want to see a post about her every day on here either. Diversity is everything. 
Chris, are you reading? I would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion.

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Very nice for that age. She has a long time to develop her own style!

Wouldn't you agree that fstoppers started this gradual decline in quality posts with all these new authors contributing to the website?

I guess in a few years we will have another type of photography. Photoshop to me is something basic to recover and correct the images, not to modify. I use photoshop as substitute, to buy low cost lenses and cameras, and make the photos look like were made with a better camera... This is manipulation, and should have another category for it or for pure photography...

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The concern here should not be about if photoshop/ digital art is not photography but that amount of quality posts are declining. The bombardment of posts with no BTS, quality information on concept, editing, purpose, and inspiration is lowering the bar for what it takes to be posted on Fstoppers. There are a dozen sites that are great at posting photography inspiration with no info, Fstoppers is not one of these. I come here for the BTS info, interviews, videos, and truly informative inspiration. Furthermore, pure photography does not exist. Since people started taking pictures they have been using tools to manipulate and modify images (jerry uelsmann, ansel adams, etc) It is a slippery slope to say photo manipulation is art but not photography art.