Creative portrait photography by Vilde Indrehus

Creative portrait photography by Vilde Indrehus

Here we are, back again with another young, incredible artist. Vilde Indrehus is a 17 year old photographer from Norway. I know this whole "Instagram" look has been done over and over yet there is just something about all these shots that gets me. The composition, DOF, ideas, everything just comes together so nicely. Its so nice to see young talent popping up. Gives me some hope for the future generations.

A few words from Vilde:
"I am a 17 year old girl from Norway. I have been serious about photography for about a year now, and I am addicted. It’s weird how an interest can turn your life upside down. From the moment I really got into this medium, I started seeing things from a whole different perspective. The things that no one else notices are the things that I love the most: a graveyard, rain, garbage and clouds are examples of things that inspire me. Especially clouds! Everything is so damn beautiful. I want to photograph everything I see. And when I say everything, I totally mean it. I love how photography makes me see this world just as beautiful as it is. And it somehow confuses me that I’m the only one I know that think of it that way." - Vilde Indrehus

What are your thoughts on these??

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Kudos brother. I agree that the argument is not about Photoshop, I think what we're seeing here is far from extreme. While I do think there's a place for posts other than BTS, I fully agree that the quality of posts is declining. I hate to be so cynical but for some contributors it seems like uploading a post is hardly something they pay a lot of attention to: just grab some nice shots, post one paragraph about the photographer and that's it. 5 minutes of work and hey it gets some traffic to your website, awesome!
I would really like to have get some response from both the contributor and the Fstoppers staff. It's too easy to dismiss this as ordinary whining, I think the sentiment is shared by more people than just those who are actually commenting.
Besides, I really like it when a contributor actually engages in the discussion following his post, but it seems there will be none of that.

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A beautiful girl in a pic always looks good, no matter how bad. Not that these pics are necessarily bad, but more importantly, that female model is good...

Great photos... I think everyone who thinks the photographers are "too young" or "undeveloped" or "too reliant on post production" should have to link to their own work for us all to see. Most of the time people throw out criticism while they only wish they could have the shots for their own.

I am an 18 year old photographer and I love these posts because they are a step-your-game up thing for me. It is one thing to see an old pro creating work that kicks your butt but when it comes from someone younger who has had less time behind the camera, it is real motivation for improvement.

less time behind the camera, more time in front ot of the said it yourself, mate...

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So many of these comments are unwarranted and overly critical. She has a keen eye and well developed vision for her photography at the tender age of 17! Not to mention that her editing skills are pretty darn good for her age!

Go ahead, be critical of the author of the article or FStoppers for posting it, but dang, give some credit where credit is due! This girl's work is stunning! Maybe I just need to take this as my sign to quit visiting the site, because I'm among some real photography snobs whose comments err more on the side of jealousy at someone else's capabilities than constructive critique or even accolades.

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I gotta get instagram. amd an apple device to run it on I guess.

i like these. she's found her "style" and sticks with it