Creative Portraits By Marcus Bitsch

Creative Portraits By Marcus Bitsch

More young people are getting into photography every single day. Luckly, not everyone with a phone and Instagram thinks they are photographers. Marcus Bitsch is one of those young kids who picked up a real camera and starting creating awesome images. From floating with bubble gum to being out in the middle of the ocean with nothing, he covers all sorts of locations in his current 365 project and he is doing very well with it.

"Marcus Bitsch is 19 years old and lives in Aarhus, Denmark where he’s currently studying at Egaa Gymanisium in Aarhus for his last year.
Marcus is in the middle of a 365 project that he has taken up. As the name implies, the goal of this challenge is to capture and process one photo every single day during the span of 365 days. There are no other restrictions."

























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HAHA I love it. Such a creative person. I love seeing cool work like this. props.

Great ideas and well done. How much is done in post though, if any?

nice work!

Ok, I think we've all had enough of fake bokeh and violent composites...

 where do you see fake bokeh? and the composites look good to me...

Is this the trend of 2013? Self portraits in a quasi-surrealistic style? I'm not judging, as every one has his or her own taste but I think this is numero 6 post or so with such a photographic style.

These photos are good, but Marcus has so many beautiful photos with really creative concepts and meanings. He is not just a great photographer but also an amazing editor who tells a story with every single photo. It's photos which create feelings. Personally i love his work. 

You really should check him out on Flickr:  or on Facebook:
He's so much more than what's shown in this article. 

Nice Pics...! 1:1 proportion in most of the pics, brings more the symmetrical action of the composition, which he do it almost all the time. wonder if "instagram" trendy proportion or just that he intend it to  do it like that...

yeah because square format didn't exist before instagram...

nice work 

Fantastic work.

Son of a Bitsch (geddit?).. such brilliant concepts. 

I love the last one

I think the 1:1 has been a trend for a while but if you think about the volume of photos out there its still probably sits at the bottom.  Great concepts and I think the reason we find more people doing the self portraits is because the amount of control you can have.  I find it difficult to work with people on a series and have it turn out excactly how I thought it up.  Which is of course a good and bad thing. But when you suck, like I do then a bad thing is usually better. lol. Another argument is regardless, fake bokeh or not, - do you like the photo or not - simple yes or no will do. Then the rest is irrelevant, no? IMHO i think to many get caught up in the what did he or she do here and there and just try to find a way to be unhappy with it. relax yo.