Creative Self-Portrait and Surreal Photography By Conner Allen

Creative Self-Portrait and Surreal Photography By Conner Allen

Conner Allen is a 19 year old conceptual portrait photographer from Spokane WA. He has some very interesting and inspiring images. He shoots mostly darker themed shoots yet shoots weddings and senior pictures as well.

"My work is really just a representation of myself in other people, and when i photograph them, i want the photo to be multi-dimensional. I want them to see a Depth in themself that they couldn't see beforehand, and to go back into a moment in their life when they felt alive, even though the photograph is a imaginary possession of a past that is unreal. I am inspired by the natural wonder of the world, and even though my work is by no means landscape work, i want the viewer to see the natural beauty of this world as a focal point, not necessarily the main point, but merely part of the world we are all a part of. My Goal is to work in Conceptual Editorial through a Magazine, or Organization on the West Coast, along with working on personal projects with Local Designers, and other Artist." - Conner Allen

Make sure to check out more of Conners work on his facebook.

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This work is rather good for a 19 year old...ghee!

Obviously got quite a bit of talent.

I don't get the whole 'shirtless guy looking tormented on the ground' trend though. It's up there with 'girl looking pensive in a forest'. Silly. 

But, like I said, he's still very good.

Haha I get your point Andrew, a lot of the contributions appearing recently (especially the self-portraits) seem to be of a very similar style, with the surreal landscapes and dramatic poses and all. I guess it's a trend with the youngsters. Still, this lad executed his concepts really well.

White suburbia is rough, man.

I know man, I feel like I'm in the trenches everyday out here in the burbs.

Great Execution....but as others have said, they seem to be a bit overdone in terms of concept.

I dont know why, but looking at these images I had an overwhelming sense of hate for photography and art and what it has become. What does any of this shit mean? Does it mean anything. I feel as though it is a big, look what I can do. I don't know. Im sorry. The kid has talent. Maybe that was his goal. I can't explain what im feeling.

Conner has quickly grown into one of my favorite photographers. His photos almost seem to have a surreal photo journalistic sense to them. Even if a shot is 'staged', the emotion feels raw. I personally love his work, and the scenes he creates. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Please Fstoppers take it easy with the word surreal, not everything that has fantastic elements its surreal. Surrealism was a creative movement in the first half of the XX century and you using it to describe anything fantastc severely dumbs down the historical and intellectual background of the concept.

webster dictionary meaning:  intense irrational reality of a dream
Anything dreamlike is surreal. 
His works are both conceptual and surreal.

oh these incredible!