Creative Self Portraits By Olga Valeska

Creative Self Portraits By Olga Valeska

"I’m a 21 year-old self-taught fine art photographer from France. As a child, I early found shelter in my imagination. I started to feel interest for art very quickly, through painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, making objects and costumes… At the age of 18, I started making pictures, but it was not until the age of 20 that I realized how fantastic a medium photography was, allowing me to combine all these passions.

Indeed, to me, photography is a true form of art: with the approach of setting and self portraits. I create my own costumes, my own sets, hairstyles, make up and I plays roles… My approach is quite specific, and is based on deep introspection. I need loneliness to create because it is loneliness that gave me the desire to create, that’s why I do self portrait photography. I need to get into myself, detach myself from the reality that the outer world imposes on me, to reach my own. It’s a journey inside myself where I discover new places every day… But I do not lay claim for self portraits, as it is rather a way of telling stories than to flaunt. I also do not lay claim as a photographer but rather as a ‘creator of images’, because in the end, what matters is my world, which has always existed and will always exist, whatever the medium used to express it." - Olga Valeska

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My eyes just fell in love!! 

I like many of these

Thats amazing! Love it!

Wow. Incredible. 

I have to agree. Very well done and after all its uncommon and creatiuve. How refreshing :)

Really enjoy her creativity.

very nice. I like.