An Endearing Photo Series That Captures The Loving Personality Of Dogs

Animal lovers alike will appreciate this recent photo series by photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings. He has a great ability in being able to portray a dog's emotions. As a dog lover myself, it was definitely heart warming to see some of their loving faces portrayed so beautifully. Last year Charles also released a book called Dogonomics on this topic. 

In it, he not only showcases his work, but also gives tips on how to take portraits of animals in a manner which brings out their personalities the best.

You can check out the rest of his work through his website:














[Via My Modern Met]

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Michael Dixon-Brooks's picture

Awesome, love the last one. Book looks cool, a bit spendy for me though.

That's awesome, I have always wanted to volunteer my photography service to help out animal rescue and shelters, time to really put that into action.

Rick Vierkandt's picture

Kevin, Please do it helps out a ton. I have been doing it for about 2 years and there is dogs that are in the rescues for 6 months that a new picture of them running etc. gets them the extra push needed