Exceptional Self Portraits From a 14 Year Old Photographer

Exceptional Self Portraits From a 14 Year Old Photographer

At 14 years old, I personally, was riding bikes, drawing and playing video games. I had literally no clue that I was going to become a professional photographer, or even how to really use a camera. So when I see photos from 14 year olds, I expect work as scatterbrained as I was. Boy am I wrong. Meet Zev, a 14 year old photographer who has the creativity and photo manipulations that will put most of our photography portfolios to shame.

Zev, (Better known for his nickname “Fiddle Oak”) is a fourteen year old photographer based out of Natick, Massachusetts with a truly imaginative way of taking photos. With the help of his 18 year old sister, Nellie, Zev captures a fairy-tale style of self portraits that will make you smile and stare at with awe.


Be sure to check out his incredible flickr stream and website, and watch out for this kid to take over the industry in the next couple years.

[via Demilked & Flickr]

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WHATTTT? - no lame "wedding photographer" here (they are the professionals!) to spoil this???

Adam Cross's picture

the grasp of lighting and depth of field is impressive - without which these images simply wouldn't work, great stuff :)

What inspired you to take pictures and composite them or why?

whatever you say....this 14 yr old does life way better than many kids his age. let him play minus the rules and preconceptions.

thats just amazing

Not only does this kid do wonderful work, he knows a lot of processing techniques at such an early age. So he's got a head start on many people, some what like how Joey.L did.
On top of his talent, he's also quite polite... He's got much going for him!