The Faces of a Hundred Years - Portraits by Karsten Thormaehlen

The Faces of a Hundred Years - Portraits by Karsten Thormaehlen

To live to 100 is no common feat. Karsten Thormaehlen made a project of photographing over 40 people who have achieved a triple digit life. The faces in these portraits are filled with so many emotions of a long life lived, it's hard to put into words. Under all signs of age, each individuals personality still shine through.

For another fun project honoring those who are older but active, check out Thormaehlen's "Silver Heroes" Series.

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-11

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-10

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-9

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-8

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-7

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-6

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-5

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-4

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-3

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-2

Centurian portraits Karsten Thormaehlen-1


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jonathan thorpe's picture

yep, perfect. 

Eric Gould's picture

Nice to see images that have not been over retouched. 

Very flattering light...soft but not too soft, otherwise it would miss the whole blown highlight on one of the ladies, but who cares...

top notch!

Thanks for pointing out the blown highlight.  The photographer should feel terrible about that.  Nice catch!  Personally, I'm so disgusted I'm never going to look at these photos again.  Ever.

great captures!

Cool project.. but is it just me or would a longer lens have been better?

Really?  Are you joking?  Good lord.

Isn't it amazing what kind of stuff is said here?

Jeffrey Remick's picture


Brian Boing Photo's picture

what a cool project!

Alain's picture

Think about it... They were alive when we had FILM cameras. Just wow!
Seriously... my mom is over 100 this year. I asked her what has been the most impressive invention she has seen. Not the car, not the airplane, not the computer (as if she cares)... The most impressive thing, in the last 100 years: the R-100 Airship. Yes sir.

Love it!!

Apparently in order to be a centenarian one has to have blue eyes...

Tim Gallo's picture

nah, its the nature of things. eyes and hair looses color, you should know that.

AWESOME.  Beautifully done.

Patryk M's picture

Great Work!

Tim Gallo's picture


Wonderful shots!

My favorite one is the second from the bottom.. Love how natural his smile looks and how much life you see in him even though he is over 100 years old.

Björn Natan Bjarnason's picture

I like the second to last one... I want to be as happy as he is at his age or at any age at all... That look on his face is amazing.

Lorenzo P's picture