Fantastically Funny Photos Of Divers Mid Air

Diving is hard. It takes an incredible amount of skill, training, and timing to pull of a beautiful dive. Those who can complete the amazing feat and win competitions are truly fantastic. Seriously, they rock. I could never do what they do. But on a less serious note, the faces they make while spinning at ridiculous speeds are... well, frankly, hilarious.






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Alfred_34's picture

What a glamorous sport!  Funny.

Robert Callahan's picture

this looks like a constipation collection

Jared Janacek's picture

My thoughts exactly Robert...

ChristianRudman's picture

I just snotted myself looking at the one that looks like an upside down glamour pose shot. 5th from the bottom.

Rebecca Britt's picture

I totally did too. Hahahaha. 

James Peryer's picture

Are these from Vincent Laforet? Believe I saw a similar collection from him a few years back at the world photo press

James Robertson's picture

Reminds me of the blow job series

Octavio Escalona Hache's picture

New memes!

Julian Jones's picture

Where's the image of the smiling jogger when you need it, lol


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