Freight Train Travel - Mike Brodie’s Decade-Long Adventure

Freight Train Travel - Mike Brodie’s Decade-Long Adventure

Mike Brodie (a.k.a. Polaroid Kidd) is a photographer out of Pensacola, Florida who in 2003 went on an adventure traveling across America. However, this travel was done by hopping onto freight trains and with no set destination in mind. All of this was documented through photography, with a heart wrenching Jack Kerouac-esque look into the world of train hopping.



While the trip initially was a trip of self discovery, a friend gave him a Polaroid SX-70, to help capture the moments of his trip, and ultimately, his life journey. After Polaroid discontinued SX-70 specialty film, Brodie got himself a Nikon F3 35mm camera.



His photographs are what he refers to as “travel culture”, and capture the lives of squatters, hobos, train-hoppers and those who are just out seeking true adventure. The images themselves, embody a natural harmony of heartbreak, spirit and adventure. Since his adventure, Brodie’s work has been featured in in exhibits spanning all over the world, including the 2006 Paris International Photo Fair at the Louvre.


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You can see more of Mike Brodie's work at his website.

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Octave Zangs's picture

You guys just crashed down his site! "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" :)

Marc Ilford's picture

Pretty amazing series, didn't know there still existed a hobo/trainhoppers culture in the 21st century. 

WhamBamPhotoMa_am's picture

 Did you think everyone magically had money since we are all so technologically advanced????

Stefan Parol's picture

Do you have a opinion on everything? You really start to annoy me.

You know, my last Girlfriend same that same thing to me! huh......

haha.... The photos are  pretty cool though.

Jens Marklund's picture

These are fantastic.

David Leyland's picture

Stunning work! Thanks Thomas!

jeff gammons's picture

Thats crazy, this guy is from my area. 

Geoff Lister's picture

Phenomenal finds like this are the only reason fStoppers hasn't been deleted from my feed yet.

Stuart Holden's picture

He has since left the medium to become a diesel mechanic. Why????????????

J G Harding's picture

Perhaps to make a living. It's a very privileged few who can indulge their creative talents forever in an unbridled way, certainly without falling into debt and bankruptcy.

That's why (here in the UK at least) pop music is full of posh kids, the east-end art galleries are full of work by wealthy people masquerading as squatters... and so on...

I love the fact that this work is honest, it doesn't appear to be a piece of cynical, "lomo-hobo on my parents' money" career making, like so many similar travel diaries are these days, visual, musical, or otherwise.

tyrohne's picture

Good stuff.  A rare find in the noisy fluff of the Internet.

Stefan Parol's picture

Awesome... stuff like this just makes you smile!

Fuckin awesome.